GroupX Class Description

Fall 2023

Learn about all UREC Group Classes. Not all classes listed are offered each semester.

Aqua Fit is a form of physical exercises in and outside the water that combines HIIT and interval training with the goals of improving all elements of fitness. The classes will focus on aerobic fitness, resistance training and creating an enjoyable atmosphere. No swim experience is required.

Barre is a full-body conditioning class that will increase flexibility, balance, stability, and strength. This ballet conditioning workout will help to develop your technique and body awareness. No prior experience required. Participants can expect: To exercise using elements of Pilates, yoga, aerobics, and strength in a dynamic workout that will sculpt your body and help you feel confident in your fitness capacity.

Cycle (45) is all about enjoying the ride. Whether you're riding for a healthier heart or training for a triathlon, our team can get you there. Feel the energy, challenge your potential, and get you to your destination. Participants can expect: Various exercises and drills to optimize your exercise training regimen and a mix of strength and endurance challenges to burn calories even after your ride.

Coach by Color training system delivers color-coded feedback to the rider on their own bike monitor. This system uses five different color zones to indicate in which work level the rider is working. Participants can expect: Opportunity to determine their personal FTP (Functional Threshold Power) To be coached through personalized workouts challenging their strength, endurance, and power.

Are you looking to improve your cardiovascular fitness, but cannot commit to your own cardio routine? Cycle is a great way for you to get your cardio in and have a fun time doing it. Participants can expect: An hour-long class filled with climbing and sprinting intervals to improve your cardiovascular endurance and a fun atmosphere that both motivates and challenges all fitness levels.

Get the perfect mix of cardio and muscle conditioning with Cycle Strength. Start your workout with 30 minutes of cardio on the bike followed by 30 minutes of a full body strength workout. Come ready to work in this high energy, high intensity class!

Come enjoy an intensely fun ride with us! This cycle class features high-intensity cardio and rhythm-based choreography. Participants can expect: Movements like push-ups and insolations to strengthen the upper body, core, and legs to music from the latest top hits to motivate you.

Consider meditation an opportunity to decrease stress and increase peace. In this class participants can expect: Guided visual meditation using imagery, breath, and body awareness. A certified instructor will direct minimal movement patterns and thought patterns.

 This is a 45 minute workout that will focus on building your core strength and is perfect for anyone wanting to get a quick and effective workout! Participants can expect stability exercises that challenge and enhance your core strength and movements such as plank and crunch variations that work to engage your core.

 This is a 45 minute class that alternates short intense periods of high intensity exercises with less intense periods of recovery for the ultimate muscular endurance workout. Participants can expect exercises that keep the heart rate high and challenge cardiovascular capacity. 

Improve your flexibility and range of motion in this 45-minute class. You will be lead through a mix of dynamic movements, light strength work, and gentle stretching to help your body move more efficiently.

Muscle Up is a full body workout with the goal of strength training while also elevating the heart rate. This training is intended to hit all the major muscle groups in just under an hour to maximize heart rate and muscle efficiency

This revolutionary series of exercises is based on breathing and muscle control focused particularly on one’s core. Participants can expect to lengthen and strengthen the body using core muscle groups through a series of low-impact exercises. Participants will improve posture, enhance injury prevention, increase strength and flexibility

Learn the basics and perfect your technique in this lifting focused workout. Beginner and veteran lifters alike will learn how to strengthen their movements on our Olympic platforms.

Step to the music as we revamp this classic cardio workout. This high energy, fast paced class will improve your endurance and agility as you work through choreographed movements on a step bench. Step up your fitness with Power Step!

Power yoga will include a blend of fast paced vinyasa-style poses that focus on building strength, flexibility, and endurance. Power yoga flows will increase heart rate and target specific muscle groups. 

It’s a rest day! The best day of the week. Recovery after intense workouts is best done with supplemental stretching, which will help you perform better in the gym, prevent injury, and incorporate mindfulness into your routine.

Find your inner Chi and bring yourself back to reality. This judgement free atmosphere will help lengthen and stretch those tired muscles to recover from whatever the week threw at you. Participants can expect Yoga poses designed for maximal relaxation and restoration in a calming class environment.

Using lighter weights and more repetitions in this strength training class will sculpt all your body’s major muscle groups. Participants can expect the use of various equipment such as dumbbells, barbells, and resistance bands with choreographed movements to upbeat top hits.

TRX is a full body workout that uses suspension training to challenge and enhance your strength. Participants can expect training circuits that use TRX suspension straps with body weight exercises. The suspension training will also be combined with floor circuits that incorporate kettlebell exercises. 

Turn Up Dance Fitness is a new edgy class that combines dance with elements of fitness using the core four: dance, HIIT, toning and active recovery. Come work, shake, flex and slay while taking your fitness to the next level by turning all the way up.

Vinyasa flow is a combination of yoga poses that focuses on the synchronization of breath and continuous flow of movement. Participants can expect a practice that builds heat, endurance, flexibility, and mental focus with a continuous sequence of sun salutations and standing postures.

Find your inner Chi and bring yourself back to reality. This judgement free atmosphere will help lengthen and stretch those tired muscles to recover from whatever the week threw at you. Participants can expect Yoga poses designed for maximal relaxation and restoration in a calming class environment that resets your mind and body

Zumba class combines high energy and motivating music with unique and easy to follow dance moves. Participants can expect Latin-based dance moves and flair in a judgement free community fitness experience.

GroupX Class Schedule

Get Movin'

UREC GroupX classes are lead by a trained instructor who creates an engaging, inclusive, and fun environment in a group setting. GroupX is free to all UREC members, and you just need to show up and sign up in the class. Then all you need to do is get movin' with the community and recharge your soul.


Cycle Classes include: Coach by Color, Interval 45, and Tiger Beat

Outdoor Fitness

Outdoor Fitness Classes include Full Body Focus and eXterior Fitness


Mind/Body classes include yoga, guided meditation, Pilates, and Barre

Cardio Kickboxing

Boxing Classes include: Cardio Kickboxing and Boxmaster


Studio Classes Include Barre, ZUMBA, HIIT, Tiger Pump

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