The Future of AI
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Artificial intelligence technology enables us to compute large amounts of data and find answers to a myriad of questions faster than ever before.

Our faculty and students are leveraging AI and machine learning, in their research and education in nearly every field. From discovering new medical advances that improve human health to exploring the outer reaches of the universe, LSU researchers are using AI and machine learning to push the boundaries in every discipline.

The sky is not the limit. Join us on the journey.


Our AI research:

  • Discovers new, safe and effective medicine in mere minutes

  • Predicts wildfires to help planners and responders

  • Leverages the power of social media to track critical resource needs during hurricanes and extreme weather events 

  • Creates new media tools in our virtual production program



faculty engaged in research using artificial intelligence & machine learning to propel solutions


in funded AI and machine learning projects over the past four years


AI computers: DGX A100, DGX1 & two Exxact Deep Learning Servers

Latest News

Less than half of all U.S. adults have access to prime credit because of their credit score. But new LSU and Harvard University research shows a lot more people could become eligible if lenders use artificial intelligence, or AI, and alternative data, such as education and employment history. Smarter underwriting algorithms would especially benefit recent college graduates and young people with short credit histories as well as people with low or no credit scores.

BASF, the largest chemical producer in the world, is collaborating with LSU chemical engineers to better understand and predict its own production ebbs and flows using artificial intelligence, or AI.

The LSU-developed tool to predict storm surge and flooding during severe weather events has become an essential resource for thousands of emergency managers and first responders in Louisiana and the nation’s coastal states to help protect people and infrastructure.

fuel cell truck

Fuel Cell Technology Draws Interest from General Motors, Brings Toyota to Campus

Higher power densities could transform future, green travel—including by air—and Louisiana is poised to lead in zero-carbon and low-carbon chemical fuel manufacturing.

What's Driving This Innovation?

“In seconds, our AI can process more information than any human could in a lifetime. It sees patterns we would never spot otherwise, and far exceeds human intuition in finding drug candidates.”

Frej Berglind, LSU Department of Mathematics graduate student

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