The LSU School of Theatre is pleased to present multiple productions each year, including works at Swine Palace, our affiliated Equity theatre on campus, and in the Lab Theatre, a series of smaller productions entirely developed and produced by students working towards their degrees.


Theatre Mainstage


April 21 - 30, 2023 // Shaver Theatre

In Angelina Grimké’s recently rediscovered 1916 classic Rachel, a young woman is so horrified by racism around her that she vows never to bring children into the world. Rachel longs to be a mother, but after seeing the devastating effects of racism on the children she cares for and learning the tragic and horrifying fate of her father and brother she resolves never to marry. Grimké hoped that Rachel would educate audiences about the devastating psychological effects of racism as well as the inhumanity of lynching.

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Swine Palace


Feb. 23 - March 5 // Shaver Theatre

"One man’s clarion call for the survival of his family and race."

An African-American attorney conjures racial history and ancestral legacies when determining whether to prosecute a case which holds devastating consequences for the Black community. This evocative play advocates for social justice using African and African-American history and myth to confront national and global discriminatory concerns.

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Spring 2023 Lab Season

To Stand in the Water

Hugh, a Colorado native and lifelong fisherman, has been fishing along one beloved spot of the Arkansas River for years. When Tom, a millionaire from Boston, purchases a sprawling ranch along the river’s edge, public land becomes private property. What ensues is a debate between locals and landowners as to who has access to non-navigable waterways in the American West.

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Wolf Play

Wolf Play is a messy, funny, disturbing theatrical experience grappling with a wolf, a puppet, and the very prickly problem of “What is a family, and what do we need from families today? Is it very different from what humans have needed from families before?”

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