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Graduate Degrees

The graduate programs in our School include a stable of courses that, in very fundamental ways, focus on the development of human capacity in organizations and communities, planned change in organizational systems, and the systemic nature of planned change.  Our courses address the diagnostic, analytical, and evaluative capabilities that are key to initiating and sustaining change in organizational systems; the role of leadership and change agents; and the role of multi-level learning in change.  The school has four primary areas of focus: human resource development, organization development, workforce development, and leadership development.

Our courses and programs are taught by a diverse, multidisciplinary, and award-winning faculty. They bring a breadth of research interests and a wealth of applied experience to the classroom. Their goal is to make the learning experience both challenging and provocative, and to prepare our students to be the leaders of positive change.  The Online MS in Leadership & Human Resource Development is also available 100% online.