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Change is the new normal for all types of organizations. For-profit Fortune 500 companies, state and national government organizations, non-profit community organizations, and civil society organizations are all increasingly challenged to respond to changes in social values and adapt to dynamic social, ecological, economic, and technological factors.

As a result, there is a large and growing demand for professionals who can facilitate and lead positive change.

Master of Science

Leadership and Human Resource Development

The highly transferable knowledge and skills our MS graduates acquire enable them to develop and leverage an organization's human capital resources to create enabling environments to maximize the potential for change.  Through the use of cutting-edge evidence-based practices to foster change, our graduates help organizations realize their strategic goals and objectives.

Through the MS LHRD program, students have the option of taking the Workforce Development Concentration. The Workforce Development concentration approaches workforce development as a holistic human resource strategy whose purpose is to develop people to meet the needs of for-profit, not-for-profit, and governmental organizations in Louisiana and the region. Graduates will develop the skills necessary to approach workforce development strategically, analyze skill and competency needs in the workforce, and implement workforce development processes that enable organizations to develop employees in ways that meet the current and future challenges associated with global competition, talent development, changing technology, and other pressures.

Leadership and Human Resource Development (online)

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Leadership and Human Resource Development
with a concentration in Workforce Development

The Master of Science in LHRD with a concentration in Workforce Development provides the same fundamental knowledge and skills for understanding human resource development challenges, training and development needs, and change management approaches offered in the MS LHRD degree program, but supplements this knowledge with expertise in identifying, analyzing, and planning for broader workforce development trends that affect employee-employer dynamics in the workplace.

LHRD with a concentration in Workforce Development (online)

Doctor of Philosophy

Leadership and Human Resource Development

Our PhD offers a research-oriented, broad-based program of study that can be modified to fit student interests. The program is strongly grounded in leadership, human resource and organization development, and change management theory. The curriculum is focused on foundational and advanced theory and evidence-based practice to ensure relevance in today’s challenging organizational environments.
Because human resource, organization and leadership development are applied fields, the goal of the PhD program is to develop highly skilled and innovative researchers and scholar-practitioners. This effectively prepares students for a wide range of careers ranging from academicians at leading educational institutions, professional consultants, human resource and organization development leaders, and other careers in which advanced research, analytical, and organization change capabilities are required. Recent alumni are employed as tenured or tenure-track faculty, organizational change agents, workforce development consultants, and hrd/training and development directors.

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