Snippets are another type of editable content in Omni CMS. Snippets can be placed into any editable region inside Omni CMS, and when inserted, the snippet code becomes part of the page’s HTML. A snippet is a great way to break-up or organize content and can also give you the ability to add additional rows within one column.

When you insert a snippet in an editable region, it creates a table with cells for entering content. The table is stripped away when the page is saved. The phrase "Press enter to add more content" does not show up in the page, instead it is a placeholder to allow you to enter content under the snippet if needed.

It's important to remember you can insert a snippet inside a snippet for formatting purposes.

Some snippets that are use frequently are called Column Layout's. They are responsive boxes that move and stack according to the browser size. Layout Snippets also equally space information on the width of the page.

Inserting a Snippet

  1. Log into Omni
  2. Navigate to the page you want to insert a snippet onto
  3. Check out the page by clicking on the light bulb, making it yellow
  4. Select “Edit”
  5. Select the content area in which you want to insert the snippet (“Edit Main Content,” “Edit Right Column,” “Edit Left Column” etc.)
  6. Place your cursor where you want to place the snippet
  7. Select the “Insert Snippet” icon from the toolbar. The icon is a puzzle piece
  8. Select the snippet you would like to insert
    1. You can filter the snippets by using the “Category” dropdown in the top right of the content area. Do not use any of the email snippets.
  9. Click "Insert"
  10. Edit content within Snippet
  11. Click the floppy disk icon in top right corner of the edit window to save and view the snippet on the page