Page Setup

How to create a new page

  1. Log into Omni
  2. Navigate to the directory in which you’d like the page to reside
  3. Click the “New” button in the top right
  4. Select “New Blank Page”
  5. Enter the Page Title (preferred naming is Page Title | LSU Unit Name). Page titles are required for accessibility.
  6. Enter a description of the page in the “Description” text field
  7. Enter the file name using only lowercase letters, underscores or dashes
  8. Click the “Create” button
  9. After the page is created check the properties tab of the page to ensure the breadcrumb and page title are what they should be. More instructions on these are below.

Page Title

The page title is the part of the page that appears on the page tab in which ever browser the page is being viewed on. The style that the page title should be in is: Page Title | Department. The page title part should also be the H1 of the page.

Editing a Page Title

  1. Navigate to the page that needs its page title edited
  2. Check the page out
  3. Navigate to the Properties tab of the page
  4. Find the Title section
  5. Insert the Page Title | Department
  6. The H1 and Page Title should match


The page breadcrumb is the title of the page or section that the page is in. For example, on this page, the breadcrumb is formmatted like this: Home / Web Support / Fierce Templates /  Page Setup. The Home section will be in every breadcrumb. The next part, Web Support, is the title of the site. After the site title is the folder or page in the site. In this case Fierce Templates is a folder in the site. This title comes from the props file in each folder. This means that every page created within the Fierce Template folder will have a Breadcrumb with the same format seen here.  Finally we have Page Setup. This is the title of this page. This will automatically be filled with whatever you put in the page title section when creating a new page. A common error users encounter is the breadcrumb looking like the Page Title. To prevent this, once the page is created go into the Properties of the new page and make sure the Page Title and Breadcrumb are not identical and include the correct information.

Editing a Page Breadcrumb

  1. Navigate to the page that needs its breadcrumb edited
  2. Check the page out
  3. Navigate to the Properties tab of the page
  4. Find the Breadcrumb section
  5. Insert the H1 of the page.
  6. The H1 and breadcrumb should match

Editing a Folder Breadcrumb

  1. Make sure the folder has a _props file
  2. Navigate to the _props file
  3. Check out the _props file
  4. Navigate to the Properties tab
  5. Find the Section title section and change this to the title of the folder

Note: this can have capitals and spaces unlike the name of the folder.

H1 of a New Page

Each new page must have an H1. New pages do not automatically generate a H1 page heading. H1s can been seen as a true page title. A H1 is a short title letting users know what information can be found on the page. The H1 and Breadcrumb of a page should be identical. Along with that, the Page title part of the Page title, Page Title | Department, should also be a H1.