Components are a new tool that allow us to create more complex design elements and input the content through a simple form. We are in the process of building out components and will be adding new ones in the future.

Insert a component

  1. Log into Omni
  2. Navigate to the file of the page you want to insert the video on
  3. Check out the page by clicking on the light bulb, making it yellow
  4. Select “Edit”
  5. Select the content area in which you want to insert the snippet (“Edit Main Content,” “Edit Right Column,” “Edit Left Column,” etc.)
  6. Place your cursor where you want to place the component
  7. Click the component icon in the toolbar. The icon is a diagram of an atom.
  8. Select the component you would like to insert
  9. Click the "Insert" button
  10. Follow the prompts and fill in the necessary information for that component.
  11. Click "Save"
  12. Component will now be inserted onto the page. In edit mode, you will not see the content but a gray box.
  13. To edit the component, click on the gray box, then the edit icon (pencil)

Components Available


Use to create a list of terms with corresponding definitions.

  • Original Templates use: Glossary - Definitions List
  • New "Fierce" Templates use: [Fierce] Glossary - Definitions List

iFrame Embed

Used to embed third-party content.

  • Original Templates and New "Fierce" Templates use: iFrame Embed

Photos with Cutlines

Insert a photo with a background and caption.

  • Original Templates use: Photo with Cutline
  • New "Fierce" Templates do not use a Component, instead use: Snippet: [Fierce] Photo with Caption

Twitter Feed

Please note that due to Twitter (X) updates, the Twitter Feed Embeds do not work unless you are a paying Twitter customer. These changes are beyond our control. 

Video Embed

This component is used for embedding videos from YouTube or Vimeo into your Omni CMS page.

  • Original Templates use: Video Embed: Responsive-Accessible
  • New "Fierce" Templates use: [Fierce] Responsive Video Embed