Fierce Migration Process

LSU websites have begun to acquire a new look. This updated style is acquired by leveraging the new Feirce templates in Omni CMS. All LSU department and unit websites will be migrating into these new Templates. Faculty sites are not eligible for migration to the Fierce Templates.

Switching to these new templates is not a quick change. Each site will have to be rebuilt in the Fierce templates. This means that the process will take a bit longer, but the process will allow you to reorganize, restructure, and clean out the website(s) you manage and start fresh in the new templates.

If you are interested in beginning the Fierce migration process outlined below, please reach out to us at or For all academic units, we are beginning by migrating the college sites before moving on to any school and department subsites. If you manage an academic website, please reach out to your college communicator to discuss the planned timeline.


Fierce Migration Outline

  • Site Audit
    • Go through the entirety of the site.
    • Identify what content needs to be kept, what can be removed, and what can be combined.
  • Site Map
    • Create a map of the new site. Outline the organization of the site and the structure of the site navigation
  • Web Admins set up draft site
    • Based off your site map, we will set up a draft site in the Fierce templates for you.
    • We’ll schedule a meeting to hand off the draft site and walk you through how we set it up.
  • Fierce Training
  • Build out content in draft site
    • You will build out the content on the draft site that will eventually replace your current site.
  • Schedule regular meetings
    • We will schedule semi-regular meetings so that you can touch base with us throughout the process and ask questions as you are working on building out your site.
  • Final site click-through
    • When you feel that the draft site is done, we will do a detailed click-through to ensure that it is ready to launch.
  • Site Launch
    • We will schedule the launch of the site and work to update links across that are pointing to the old site.