Why can't I login?

  1. Try using a different browser to login.
  2. Close all windows of your browser, reopen the browser and try again. This insures that you are not logged into another account that does not have access to Omni CMS.
  3. Double-check that you are logging into a site/page that you have access to. If you need to know whether or not you have access to a particular site or page, please email wcms@lsu.edu and we can check our records.

Why can't I upload a file?

  1. Make sure the file's name you are uploading is all lowercase with not spaces. If you need to represent spaces in the file name, please use underscoers or dashes. 
  2. Omni CMS has a file size limit. This will prevent you from uploading files larger than 1,000 KB to Omni CMS.