Link Text

  • Link text should make sense when read by itself; using generic labels like "click here" and " learn more" is inaccessible. For example:
  • Redundant links, such as linking both the image and text, should be avoided in most cases

Link Title

  • When linking to an external site, the link title should indicate that the user is “leaving”
  • When linking to documents, videos, larger versions of thumbnail images, the link title should identify the type of file being link to, for example “Download PDF,” “View larger image,” or “Watch YouTube video.”
  • Avoid redundancy. Link title should include unique information
  • Leave blank if no additional, unique information needs to be provided

Link Target

  • When linking to other pages within, do not force links to open a new browser window or tab.
  • In some cases, it may be appropriate to open a link to an external site in a new browser window/tab.

Empty Links

  • Do not add empty links to manipulate text style
  • Use remove link from toolbar instead of backspace
  • Make sure only the link text is hyperlinked, no extra spaces