High School Programs


Architecture Camp

Architecture Camp is an exciting chance for high school students entering grades 10th through 12th to explore the world of design and architecture. Explore basic design principles and techniques to create hands-on building and model-making activities. Interact with faculty and LSU School of Architecture students while working on real-life projects. Tour the unique architecture and landscape architecture of the LSU campus and visit construction sites and local architecture firms. This one-week, residential workshop on the LSU campus is sponsored by the LSU College of Art & Design and the LSU School of Architecture.

Computational Biology | LSU Pre-College

July 10-23

The objective of Computational Biology is to introduce bioinformatics to 9th - 12th grade high school students with an emphasis on searching and retrieving biological data, sorting the data and finally analyzing the sorted data to draw meaningful conclusions. Students will be introduced to some pre-existing cutting-edge bioinformatics resources and tools, enhacing their enthusiasm towards the subject and opening an avenue for a career in medicine or bioinformatics.

Halliburton XCITE | LSU Pre-College 

July 17 - 23  

The LSU Halliburton eXploration Camp Inspiring Tomorrow’s Engineers (XCITE) camp is for rising 9th-12th grade female students to encourage them to pursue engineering/computer science/construction management careers. Students will receive project materials in the mail so they can explore, create, experiment, build, code, design, and compete while learning about a variety of engineering majors. Reduced fees are available with demonstrated need. This is a residential camp. To apply or learn more click Halliburton XCITE 

Environmental Biology | LSU Pre-College

July 10-23

Environmental Microbiology explores the relationship between microorganisms and their effects on the environment. In addition to studying the basic principles of environmental science and microbiology, students will examine the intersection of these two fields and the effect of microorganisms on the environment. The course also provides students with the scientific principles, concepts, and methodologies required to study microorganisms and the environment. By the end of the course, students will be prepared for taking high school biology or AP Environmental Science in the upcoming year.

eXploreCS High School | LSU Pre-College  

May 30 - June 3

This course is for rising 10th - 12th graders. Computer Science is one of the fastest-growing fields in today’s job market. In this camp, you will develop problem-solving skills in programming and learn key concepts in major areas of computer science. You will also explore cutting edge labs and interact with computer science faculty and students. Partial financial need scholarships are available. To apply or learn more click eXploreCS High School. 

Esports | LSU Pre-College

July 10-23

Esports is so much more than just gaming. If you are interested in learning how an esports team operates or potential career paths in the esports and video game development field? If so, you will want to check out the LSU Esports Summer Camp! This two week camp will introduce 9th-12th grade students to how teams operate, explore relevant college majors in the game industry, and of course- play games!

Fundamentals of Sound Engineering | LSU Pre-College

July 10-23

In the Fundamentals of Sound Engineering students will learn how to use industry recording software and recording techniques to record your original music, study the basics of music theory to continue exploring new ideas in composition, and even record your music to be used in a game and short film! This course is perfect for any students interested in music or sound design!

Game Design in Java Script | Pre-College

July 10-23

In Game Design in Java Script, we will cover the basics of JavaScript - one of the most widely-used coding languages available - to learn how to code a 2D video game. Students will program character interactions, set up keyboard controls, add a soundtrack, and more. At the end of camp, there will be a competition to see who can score the highest on each person's final game. Some programming experience is helpful, but not required.

German Summer Academy | Pre-College

June 6 - June 17

The World Languages Summer Institute is offering a two week long commuter camp for rising 9th-12th grade students to help them understand Germany, learn the language, and acquire useful study skills. The course is designed to introduce Germany to students with little to no language experience by focusing on its language and culture in a meaningful and fun way. Experts from the Department of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures will help participants learn strategies for studying the language. Apply today for the German Summer Academy

Institute of Reading Development Reading Programs | LSU Online & Continuing Education

Louisiana State University is proud to offer reading programs designed to help students of all ages improve their reading skills and build a lifelong love of books. Since 2003, LSU has partnered with the Institute of Reading Development, a nationwide leader in reading instruction, to deliver engaging and enriching experiences for kids. There are various start dates for grades level K-12th grade students.

Interactive Computing | LSU Pre-College

July 10 - July 23

Interactive Computing focuses on the nuances of programming for interacting with the real world in two representative areas: autonomous robots and the front end of web applications. Students learn how to code a software model within the realities of physical hardware, how to write test suites, and how to systematically debug their programs.

Intro to Engineering | LSU Pre-College

July 10 - July 23

This is the on-campus version of our Intro to Engineering course. In partnership with the LSU College of Engineering, Intro to Engineering will introduce you to the profession, ethics, and diversity of the field of engineering. You will complete 15 hands-on projects relating to 10 different fields of engineering offered at LSU. Throughout the course, you will interact with your instructor, teaching assistants, and peers to learn about each discipline and work on projects. This experience will allow you to explore the differences between each engineering discipline and help you make more informed decisions about future elective choices in high school and selecting your college major.

LSU Bands Music Camp

June 12 - 17

The LSU Bands Music Camp is an intensive summer music camp for high school students with a wide range of experience. Students will study privately on their instrument, in concert rehearsal settings, as well as in chamber groups, working with accomplished professional faculty from the LSU School of Music.

Math Circle (virtual) | LSU Pre-College

Math Circle is designed to provide high school students with the opportunity to conduct mathematical research with guidance from professors and graduate students. Research mentors from many different areas of mathematics will give 1-2 talks in the beginning of the program on their area of research and potential research topics

REHAMS Engineering | LSU Pre-College  

The Recruiting into Engineering High-Ability Multicultural Students (REHAMS) online camp is for 10th–12th grade male and female students from all backgrounds to learn about various disciplines of engineering during a 5-day on-campus camp. Students will participate in LSU faculty-led engineering 101 sessions and will be guided by current LSU engineering students through a variety of engineering activities. Reduced fees are available with demonstrated need. To apply or learn more click REHAMS. 

Robotics | LSU Pre-College

The Robotics course uses VEX Robotics parts and RobotC software to introduce the student to the foundations of robotics, including basic programming, actuators, mechanisms, and sensors. This course will involve students in the development, building, and programming of robots to accomplish various tasks. Students will perform hands-on work in teams to encourage knowledge sharing, reflection, and review. Topics may include motor speed, gear ratios, torque, sensors, program loops, project documentation, and decision-making.

Spanish Summer Academy | LSU Pre-College

June 6 - June 17

The World Languages Summer Institute provides opportunities for middle and high school students to learn and experience foreign languages and world cultures in the summer. For Summer 2022, the World Languages Summer Institute is offering Intro to Spanish/Latin American Cultures & Language. This course is designed to introduce students with little to no experience to the language and culture in an engaging and meaningful way over the course of two weeks. Students will also learn strategies for studying and improving their language skills from LSU experts. Apply today to the Spanish Summer Academy

Survey of Drones | LSU Pre-College

July 10 - July 23

Survey of Drones uses the fundamental skills learned in LSU’s Pathways Engineering courses to assemble, program, and pilot drones for use in indoor racing. Students will work hands-on to program and pilot drones through an indoor racing course. The course will begin with the basics of flight and signal transmission, then using those basics, students will adjust the programming of their drones to improve mobility and better suit their pilot’s preferences. Each team will program, test, and pilot their drone to see whose is the best!

Tigerland Auxiliary & Leadership Camp

June 9 - 11

Tigerland Auxiliary & Leadership Camp is geared to give high school students all of the skills necessary to return to their band programs ready to go for the coming year. Students will work closely with LSU Department of Bands directors and staff to refine their leadership skills, colorguard work, and marching percussion fundamentals.

Tiger Prep Programs - ACT/SAT Test Prep Courses | LSU Online & Continuing Education

LSU Tiger Prep Programs offers online and in-person options for 7th - 12th graders to boost ACT/SAT test preparation. 

LSU Upward Bound

Rising 10th-12th graders already participating in Upward Bound will attend a six-week summer program on LSU’s campus.  Five-weeks of the program will consist of classes to prepare students for the upcoming year and to ensure information from the previous year was well understood.  Interactive learning activities are held on and off of LSU’s campus to provide students with a unique hands-on learning experience with experts in the related field. Field trips, activities, and campus tours are designed to provide students with first-rate cultural and educational experiences.  Along with instruction, test preparation, and enriching activities, students will be provided with mentors, academic advising, scholarship search/application assistance, help understanding the college environment, and much more.

The Collaborative Piano Institute 

The festival offers an intensive experience tailored to your individual needs through individual lessons, coachings, masterclasses, group classes, lectures, and performance opportunities with professional musicians. This year's festival will be held online. 


LSU Baseball Summer Camp

The LSU Baseball Summer Camp will offer daily instruction on position-specific fundamentals: hitting, pitching, fielding, and base running. 

Kim Mulkey Basketball Team Camp

Kim Mulkey Basketball Team Camp is for High School Junior Varsity, Varsity, Travel/AAU Teams. Minimum of 7 games required. 3 games guaranteed. Must be part of a team that is coming together with a coach. No individual registrations. 

Kim Mulkey Basketball Day Camp

Kim Mulkey Basketball Day Camp is for those entering grades 2-12. This camp focuses on the basics of basketball. Campers will develop through fundamentals, skill stations, and in-game situations.

LSU Beach Volleyball Camp

Tiger Volleyball Beach Camps provide basic skill instruction for the beginner to the experience/rated players. Sessions will focus on skill development and will progress through in-game strategies and into competition. No prior experience in beach volleyball is required. We realize this is a new and evolving sport and we want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy it!

LSU Gymnastics Camp

Learn more about Gymnastics Camps. 

LSU Softball Youth Camps & Clinics

Learn more about LSU Softball camps and clinics.

LSU Soccer Camp

The goal of the LSU Soccer Camp is to provide a fun, competitive and educational environment where players can enhance their soccer skills, speed & agility and knowledge of the game.

Indoor Tiger Volleyball Camp

Tiger Volleyball Camps will be offered in July and will teach skills such as passing, defense, setting, attacking and serving. All camps will be held in the LSU PMAC. 
Tiger Cheer and Dance Camp

Come and cheer with the Tigers! Spend time learning LSU cheers and dances.