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Summer Courses

Taking classes might not be your first choice when thinking about how to spend your summer, but once you consider how summer courses enhance your college career and your life in the long run, the decision is simple.

Aside from beating the heat, summer courses enable you to: 

  • Graduate faster and enter the professional world, thereby earning a salary sooner
  • Take a challenging course head-on, without the usual stresses of a regular semester load
  • Stay involved in the campus community, including faculty members who could end up becoming long-term mentors
  • Concentrate more completely on one or two classes to raise your GPA
  • Secure a place in a popular class that might usually have an extensive waiting list
  • Receive more individualized attention from faculty because of smaller classes and less students on campus
  • Enjoy the ease of parking on a less-crowded campus, with less traffic in general
  • Catch up on earning credits if you have changed majors midway through your degree
  • Earn additional credits toward a double-major while still graduating when you planned
  • Earn credits that might transfer elsewhere, especially if you’re only returning home to Baton Rouge for the summer
  • Expedite your educational timeline and possibly rollover TOPS funding toward professional degree programs 

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Talk to your advisor about what summer courses work best for you, and register for classes by April 22

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