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Humanity faces a moment of both unprecedented adversity and opportunity: to keep people healthy and economies thriving, we must solve health-based challenges quickly and at scale. Within our home state of Louisiana, the linkage between health disparities and the broad prevalence of chronic health diseases poses a clear threat to the well-being of all Louisianans. 


In Louisiana, declining health conditions touch all ages, levels of socioeconomic status, and communities – perpetuating a cycle of poor health and financial burden that impacts multiple generations of families. In Louisiana alone, we spend more (per capita) on healthcare than 41 other states, and yet we rank in the bottom 10% when it comes to overall health. Our people suffer disproportionately from cancer, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease—resulting in unbearable costs and the loss of life and livelihoods.  


With eight institutions spanning Louisiana and all levels of higher education and research, LSU is well poised to help meet the challenge of improving the state's health outcomes head-on. Through discovery and innovation, talent development, and partnerships with local communities and industry stakeholders, LSU will: 

  • Bring together top talent and resources, ranging from clinical research to artificial intelligence, to improve health outcomes
  • Pursue National Cancer Institute designation for the state of Louisiana 
  • Ensure that sustained, premier cancer care and research are accessible for every Louisianan close to home


human performance evaluuation illustration

LSU Shreveport Human Performance Lab Boosts Biotech Innovation in Northwest Louisiana

On what used to be six racquetball courts, there are now three top-notch research labs dedicated to the study of human movement at LSU Shreveport (LSUS)—an exercise science lab, a motion analysis lab, and a motor behavior lab—collectively known as the Human Performance Lab. 

Transforming an Invasive Marine Species Into a Life-Saving Solution for Organ Transplantation

While the demand for organs is rising, transplant programs all around the world are severely limited by the number of organs they can get, and how quickly they can get them. Through a collaboration between LSU Health Shreveport and the Ochsner Transplant Institute in New Orleans and a joint pilot study on bryostatin, however, more organs could soon become available.

illustration of human organ in a bryostatin solution

Using AI to Discover Safe and Effective Drugs 

An innovative collaboration between the LSU College of Science, College of Engineering, and College of the Coast & Environment, known as LSU DeepDrug, is creating artificial intelligence to discover safe and effective drugs more quickly.

Pennington Biomedical's Obecity, USA Campaign

Meet Ezra, a middle-school-aged girl living in Obecity, USA. Ezra's weight is out of control—but as we come to learn, it was never really in her control. She’s blamed and shamed for her size. But as too few can see, healthy food options and safe spaces to exercise.

LSU officials and healthcare partners celebrate with confetti at news conference

LSU Launches Watershed Effort with $245 Million Investment and Support From Healthcare Partners

Our Lady of the Lake and LCMC Health have committed to investing $245 million in LSU over the next 10 years to transform healthcare in Louisiana.

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