The Wyatt Houston Day Collection of Poetry by African Americans

LSU Home of Most Important Private Collection of African American Poetry

The LSU Libraries Special Collections will house the over 800 items previously owned by book collector and dealer Wyatt Houston Day.

Shahab Mehraeen

ECE Professor Mehraeen Explores Smart Grid Improvements

Just one year ago this month, the southern U.S. suffered a hard freeze, leaving millions of people in Texas without power while also causing flooding to homes from busted pipes. As a result, 246 people died.

LSU Biodegradable Mardi Gras beads

Beyond Biodegradable Mardi Gras Beads

LSU biologist Naohiro Kato develops solutions to reduce plastic in the environment.

Alex Valiaev

New Director Joins LSU Innovation & Technology Commercialization

The LSU Office of Innovation & Technology Commercialization has welcomed a new director, Alex Valiaev.

Mardi Gras

LSU Experts Available to Speak on Mardi Gras History and Traditions

LSU faculty experts are available for media interviews about the Mardi Gras history and traditions.

Engineering robots

LSU ME Professor, Students Design Underwater Robots to Study Shipwrecks

One might be surprised to learn there have been thousands of shipwrecks in the Great Lakes over the last couple centuries, the majority of which remain undiscovered. LSU Mechanical Engineering Assistant Professor Corina Barbalata is working to design motion-planning algorithms for underwater robots to gather data from these shipwrecks.

Dr. Jeffrey Carter

Spray-on Skin Lowers Louisiana Mortality Rates from Burns

Dr. Jeffrey Carter, associate professor of surgery at LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine, has spent over a decade developing a new technology for burn and wound care, known as spray-on skin. He is available for media interviews during National Burn Awareness Week.

Craig Colten

LSU Professor Awarded Highest Honor by American Association of Geographers

LSU Department of Geography & Anthropology Professor Emeritus Craig Colten is among 11 geographers nationwide bestowed the highest honor by the American Association of Geographers.

LSU Civil & Environmental Engineering Assistant Professor Aaron Bivins

LSU CEE Professor Bivins Studying Wastewater on International Flights

With the COVID-19 Omicron variant spreading like wildfire, testing has never been more important. This is why LSU Civil & Environmental Engineering Assistant Professor Aaron Bivins is not only researching pathogen detection in water at LSU but also joining forces with researchers worldwide, namely Australia, to study wastewater on international flights.

“Exercise-in-a-pill” Could Get Louisiana into Shape

Researchers at LSU’s Pennington Biomedical Research Center are mapping the effects of exercise to be able to deliver many of its benefits to those who can’t, or struggle to, work out. The researchers have already shown how something they call “exercise-in-a-pill” could help protect people against the negative health consequences of eating too much sugar and fat.