NASA Project

LSU ME Faculty Team Up With NASA to Advance Additively Manufactured Materials

Launch vehicles and propulsion systems are very complex and must survive extreme thermal, dynamic, pressure, and environmental loads. The materials and alloys used in these systems are often challenging to produce, costly, and have long lead times.

Hurricane Ida

2022 Hurricane & Extreme Weather Media Briefing

In preparation for hurricane season, members of the media are invited to join a virtual briefing with four leading experts in climatology, extreme weather events including hurricanes, tropical cyclones and flooding as well as hazard-resistant construction and mitigation on Tuesday, May 31.


LSU Engineering Seniors Create Unique Project, an Animatronic Head

Somewhere in the labyrinth of Patrick F. Taylor Hall, there sits a disembodied head that will provide the answers to life’s greatest mysteries, provided he is presented with the proper offering. His glowing eyes change color as he rewards you or disappoints you in a booming voice at the end of your long quest in search of knowledge.

LSU Engineering Faculty Awarded Funding by U.S. Defense Department

LSU Engineering Faculty Awarded Funding by U.S. Defense Department

Two LSU College of Engineering faculty – Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Shuangqing Wei and Chemical Engineering Associate Professor Kevin McPeak – were recently each awarded grants by the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command’s Army Research Laboratory.

LSU marine ecologist Dan Holstein scientific dives

Caribbean Coral Reefs Need Our Help

Vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life are diminishing throughout the Caribbean as global temperatures rise. Coral reefs are habitats that support the seafood industry, are barriers for coastal communities from storms, flooding and sea level rise and are attractions for tourism.

House sparrow

What Makes Some More Afraid of Change than Others?

Scientists have discovered significant differences in how the brain works in two distinct personality types: those who act fearless and those who seem afraid of new things.

National Academy of Sciences Member LSU Professor Nancy Rabalais

Nancy Rabalais Inducted into the National Academy of Sciences

LSU College of the Coast & Environment Professor Nancy Rabalais was inducted as a member of the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C. on April 29. She is among the 120 elected members - and the only one from Louisiana - recognized for her distinguished achievements in original research in 2021.


Octo-Tiger Awarded Access to the World’s Fastest Supercomputer

Researchers who recently developed “Octo-Tiger,” a breakthrough astrophysics code that simulates the evolution of star systems, have been granted access to the supercomputer Fugaku in Tokyo.

Kelli Moran

LSU Student Receives NSF Grant to Study Water Management and Resiliency in the Netherlands

LSU student Kelli Moran is one of 14 in the nation to receive a National Science Foundation Grant that supports graduate student study in the Netherlands. Moran is a doctoral candidate in the College of the Coast & Environment.

Seaside Sparrow

LSU Biologist Examines Animal Resilience To Stress

As humans continue to impact the world around us, often resulting in the destruction of wildlife and their habitats, LSU researcher Christine Lattin believes better understanding how some animals thrive while others fail to adapt will allow us to better understand human and animal stress.