Center for Collaborative Knowledge

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Bringing students and teachers together to address major questions facing society. Solving problems through creativity and collaboration across academic disciplines.

In its 1877 charter, LSU committed itself to serving as “an institution of learning, in the broadest and highest sense.” The LSU Center for Collaborative Knowledge (CCK) reaffirms this vision for the university as a generator of knowledge between all academic disciplines, in undergraduate and graduate classes, and for the general public.


The classroom is where knowledge grows. Interdisciplinary courses train LSU students to break down disciplinary silos and to think holistically about the world around them.


The cultivation of knowledge is a collective endeavor. LSU professors from a range of academic disciplines are working together to make a difference.

Public Engagement

Knowledge is not confined to the “Ivory Tower.” LSU is where the public can be active participants in the generation of knowledge.

Welcome to the CCK!

A university, we have always believed, is a place where ideas and expertise are shared across all colleges, and between generations. In our age of specialization and vastly expanded access to global knowledge, we too often forget to sit down and really talk to our colleagues and students, to remind ourselves of the exceptional opportunities for inspiration and collaboration that exist right outside our office doors. The LSU Center for Collaborative Knowledge (CCK) seeks to reanimate the interdisciplinary curiosity and innovative power of our campus by generating and funding collaborative research projects and classroom experiences that cross colleges and involve faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates. Like the ‘cabinet of curiosities’ that forms the wallpaper for this page, we at the CCK hope to create wonder and wisdom, and to give all of its participants the opportunities, incentives, and aspirations to ‘think big.’

We hope you will read on, and discover the lectures, workshops, and courses we are currently sponsoring or planning, and examine closely the list of grant opportunities, in the hopes that one of these will inspire you to join our endeavors. We welcome everyone in the LSU community, from all colleges, schools, and departments, including faculty, students, staff, alumni, and Baton Rouge community members, to participate in any and all ways in our programs. We cannot, and do not want, to do this without you!

Suzanne Marchand
LSU Systems Boyd Professor of History
College of Humanities and Social Sciences