LSU Civil Engineering Professor Receives NSF Grant to Fund, Create LSU Delta Institute

May 26, 2023

Image of the Mississippi River DeltaThanks to an industry-university cooperative research center (IUCRC) planning grant from the National Science Foundation, LSU can start the LSU Delta Institute, which will bring together scientists, engineers, and industry to work on developing solutions for the Louisiana coast. 

“Mississippi River natural processes, driven by both climate change and flood/river control practices, are hampering the ability of our nation’s southern coastal communities and shoreline environments to remain resilient, sustainable, productive, and healthy,” said LSU Civil and Environmental Engineering Associate Professor Navid Jafari, who will lead the LSU Delta Institute. “This funding provides resources for LSU to explore the formation of an IUCRC focused on combining the strengths, intellectual capacity, and resources of universities, industry, and the public sector in tackling some of the largest problems in river-dominated, engineered, deltaic systems.”

LSU's Delta Institute is the latest initiative in the university's goal of developing new ways to restore and sustain coastal ecosystems as part of the Scholarship First Agenda.