LSU Advocates Including Archaeological Sites in Louisiana Coastal Restoration Plans

January 04, 2023

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Adams Bay is one of many Mississippi Delta archaeological mound sites being washed away due to coastal land loss.

– Photo: Noah Custer / Adams Bay Project

A new study by scientists at LSU has analyzed the last 100 years of archaeological research in the Mississippi Delta of coastal Louisiana, emphasizing managing ancient indigenous sites in a way that supports their cultural, ecological, and physical importance.

“It is amazing that in Louisiana, we have a multi-millennia record of people living with and adapting to coastal change, captured in the mound sites. This is an important part of Louisiana heritage, and one that should be studied and preserved,” said Liz Chamberlain, LSU alumna and assistant professor at Wageningen University, the Netherlands.

Consistent with our charge as the state’s Sea Grant university, LSU continues to strengthen its position as a global leader in collaborative coastal research. 

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