LSU CEE PhD Student Researches Disaster Debris Post Hurricane Ian

January 23, 2023

Image of Jasmine Bekkaye in Patrick F. Taylor HallIn September 2022, Hurricane Ian decimated the coast of West Florida. Hoping to better prepare hurricane-prone areas for the amount of debris that comes with such a storm, LSU Civil and Environmental Engineering PhD student Jasmine Bekkaye is conducting reconnaissance along the hard-hit Florida coast.

“The motivation behind this is that disaster debris quantities are so poorly understood, and there is limited knowledge on how hazard type/intensity is correlated to waste generated,” Bekkaye said. “This understanding can help communities better determine their debris management needs and prepare for future disasters with hazard intensity in mind.”

This project is one example of LSU's focus on the coast as part of the Scholarship First agenda. The College of Engineering is part of LSU's effort to find solutions to pressing problems experienced by Louisianans today, with a focus on hurricanes, flooding, land loss, and sea-level rise.