Travis Houston

Residential Life Accountability Manager

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I do this work to make whatever small differences I can in a student’s experience.

I focus on what I can do for a student in need and hope to make the experience beneficial to and educational for the student


The needs of students are always changing, so our practices and how we engage with and support students must also change as we continue to welcome more diverse students and needs. -Travis

Food for your soul

As a self-proclaimed foodie, I love the vast difference in food options we have in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas in Louisiana. There has not been one dining experience I have not enjoyed when it comes to eating in Baton Rouge or eating Southern Louisiana food.

If I didn't have this job, what would I do?

When it comes to higher education, my passion lies in student conduct and accountability where I can meet students at a possible crossroads in decision-making and behavior and help them forge a path that is better informed and 100 percent their own. Outside of higher education, I have an interest in operations, human resources, and leadership management. 

One thing first-year students should know

That honest and respectful communication that's more listening to understand versus listening to respond is key to resolving most problems. Communication skills are not just important in the workforce, but also in personal life.


MS, Mississippi State University
BA, University of Nevada, Reno

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309 Grace King Hall