Current Members

The Graduate Council consists of 18 members of the graduate faculty elected by and from the graduate faculty members within each college or school by processes determined by the college or school to serve a five-year term. The Chair of the Graduate Council will notify the Dean of the college or school in advance of the expiration of each member’s term. These elections should become effective as soon as is practical.

Phillip Adams
Philip W. Adams, PhD
College of Science (2021)
Steve Cai
Steve C. S. Cai, PhD
College of Engineering (2021)
Joseph Francis
Joseph Francis, PhD
School of Veterinary Medicine (2022)


Paul J. Frick
Paul J. Frick, PhD

College of Humanities & Social Sciences (2021)
Kristin Gansle
Kristin A. Gansle, PhD

College of Human Sciences & Education (2024)
Lee Ann Lockridge
Lee Ann Lockridge, J.D.
LSU Law Center (2020)


J. Hamilton
John (Jack) Hamilton, PhD

School of Mass Communication (2024)
Claudia Husseneder, PhD
College of Agriculture (2022)
Suzanne Marchand
Suzanne L. Marchand, PhD
College of Humanities & Social Sciences (2020)


Jeffrey Perry, PhD
College of Music & Dramatic Arts (2021)
Gabriele Piccoli, PhD
College of Business (2022)

John A. Pojman, PhD
College of Science (2020)



Chad Seifried, PhD
College of Human Sciences & Education (2023)

Bruce Sharky, PhD
College of Art & Design (2022) 




College of Business (2024)

College of Coast & Environment (2024)

College of Engineering (2024)