Prof. Christopher G. Arges

Christopher G. Arges
Assistant Professor

Gordon A. & Mary Cain Professor


Prof. Michael G. Benton
Michael G. Benton
Associate Professor

Bernard S. Pressburg Professor


Prof. Bhuvnesh Bharti
Bhuvnesh Bharti
Assistant Professor

Anding Professor


Prof. Armando B. Corripio
Armando B. Corripio
Professor Emeritus


Prof. Kunlun Ding
Kunlun Ding
Assistant Professor

Gordon A. & Mary Cain Professor


Prof. Kerry M. Dooley
Kerry M. Dooley
BASF Professor

Dr. Paul Horton Memorial Professor


Prof. James A. Dorman
James A. Dorman
Assistant Professor

Gordon A. & Mary Cain Professor


Prof. John C. Flake
John C. Flake
Department Chair

Jay Affolter Endowed Professor


Prof. Gregory L. Griffin
Gregory L. Griffin
George H. Nusloch II Endowed Professor


Barry Guillory
A. Barry Guillory
Professional In Residence


Dr. Brian Hanley
Brian F. Hanley
Professional In Residence

Edward McLaughlin Professor in Engineering for Excellence in Undergraduate Instruction


Prof. Jimmy Lawrence
Jimmy Lawrence
Assistant Professor

M.F. Gautreaux/Albemarle Foundation Professor 


Prof. Kevin M. McPeak
Kevin M. McPeak
Assistant Professor

Gordon A. & Mary Cain Professor


Prof. Adam T. Melvin
Adam T. Melvin
Assistant Professor

Gordon A. & Mary Cain Professor


Prof. Krishnaswamy Nandakumar
Krishnaswamy Nandakumar
Cain Endowed Chair & Professor


John G. Pendergast
John G. Pendergast


Prof. Craig Plaisance
Craig Plaisance
Assistant Professor

M.F. Gautreau/Albemarle Foundation Professor


Prof. José A. Romagnoli
José A. Romagnoli
Cain Endowed Chair & Professor


Prof. William A. Shelton
William A. Shelton


Prof. James J. Spivey
James J. Spivey
James McLaurin Shivers Professor

Clarence M. Eidt Jr. Professor


Dr. Harold J. Toups
Harold J. Toups
Professional In Residence


Prof. Kalliat T. Valsaraj
Kalliat T. Valsaraj
Charles & Hilda Roddey Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering

Ike East Professor of Chemical Engineering


Prof. Mary Julia (Judy) Wornat
Mary Julia (Judy) Wornat
Dean, College of Engineering

Robert Hughes Harvey Professor

William G. Reymond  Professor

Bert S. Turner Chair in Engineering


Prof. Ye Xu
Ye Xu
Associate Professor

Leon M. Pliner Distinguished Professor