Fueling the Future for Louisiana

A Winning Team for Energy Expansion

Led by LSU, Future Use of Energy in Louisiana (FUEL) is a growing team of universities, community and technical colleges, state agencies, and industry and capital partners with an aligned vision for positioning the state to lead the global energy expansion. Funded by a groundbreaking $160 million award from the National Science Foundation, FUEL partners will work together to advance the nation’s capacity for energy innovation through use-inspired research and development that will impact our everyday lives, workforce development to protect current jobs and create new ones, and technology commercialization that will transform ideas into products for the marketplace.

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student in chemical engineering lab

Empowering and Expanding the Energy Workforce

Faculty and students are dedicated to solving emerging challenges in the energy industry, and the university is committed to maximizing their potential through:

  • Modernized classroom and research spaces
  • New energy-related majors and areas of study
  • Partnerships with industry that enable experiential learning for the next generation of energy leaders
Shyam Menon Lab

Accelerating Energy Innovation

Energy is ever-evolving to meet worldwide demands. The impact of this historic grant will be felt throughout Louisiana for generations to come, and it will:

  • Boost the state economy
  • Unlock new markets for industry growth
  • Attract top talent and businesses to the state

Leading the Charge

LSU stands tall as a leader in forging a brighter future. The newly established Institute for Energy Innovation represents LSU's unwavering commitment to cutting-edge research, driving the development of clean technologies, and shaping the future of energy. LSU is tackling the most pressing energy issues head-on, fostering collaboration across disciplines, and forging deep connections with communities. Through its unwavering dedication to energy research, LSU is illuminating the path towards a more sustainable and prosperous future not just for Louisiana but for the world.

From Lab to Life: Groundbreaking Energy Research

Student pours yellow liquid into beaker.

Plant-based precursors can be converted into liquid hydrocarbons, such as detergents and fuels, using renewable energy. 

View of the Center for River Studies river model.

The LSU Center for River Studies on the Baton Rouge Water Campus supports Louisiana’s energy industry and communities through coastal and river management and research.

 Noemie Elgrishi teaches a class of engineering students.

Noémie Elgrishi, assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry, researches solutions that can help convert CO2 into useful carbon products to enable a circular carbon economy.

Engineering student peers through a microscope.

Research on more efficient and selective electrocatalysts to produce hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2) from water decreases the costs of clean fuels and chemicals.

Aerial view of the PERTT lab with Tiger Stadium in the distance

LSU’s Petroleum Engineering Research, Training & Testing (PERTT) Lab facility on the flagship campus will be used to study the transport and underground storage of CO2.

NSF Awards LSU-led Team Energy Innovation Grant 

The NSF Engines grant will support Louisiana’s energy industry, create more jobs in the energy sector, develop innovative solutions to energy challenges, and help train the world’s energy workforce. The NSF announced the award at a press conference earlier in Washington, D.C.

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Scholarship First in Action

Through the Scholarship First Agenda, LSU seeks to secure Louisiana’s future and create solutions essential to the future of agriculture, biomedicine, the coast, defense, and energy.

LSU welcomed Geraldine (Geri) Richmond, the Under Secretary for Science and Innovation at the Department of Energy, to campus on Feb. 28, where she visited with President William F. Tate IV and toured LSU facilities and labs devoted to energy studies.

SU researchers are using physics-based "digital twins" of solar-farming infrastructure to assess and minimize its effects on Louisiana ecosystems, funded by a nearly $500,000 experimental grant from LSU’s Institute for Energy Innovation.

Powering Progress: LSU at the Forefront of Energy Discoveries

With a deep commitment to research and development, LSU has established itself as a leader in the field, forging strategic partnerships with industry giants and academic institutions to accelerate the transition to a clean energy future.   

FUEL will expand LSU’s efforts to solve emerging energy challenges in such areas as sustainable energy, decarbonization, carbon capture and storage, use of carbon dioxide to produce biofuels or bioproducts, water use and management, sustainable manufacturing, and policy development. The NSF grant is the latest transformative federal investment in LSU to lead energy expansion for the nation, joining a list that includes: 

Direct Air Capture Hub

LSU recently secured $5 million in funding from the U.S. Department of Energy for a Direct Air Capture Hub to demonstrate a critical component of carbon capture.

Gulf Louisiana Offshore Wind

The Economic Development Administration designated an LSU-led consortium, Gulf Louisiana Offshore Wind, or GLOW, Propeller, as one of only 31 national Tech Hubs positioned to revitalize and strengthen U.S. economic and national security within a decade. 

Build Back Better

LSU also shares in the $50 million Build Back Better award to Greater New Orleans, Inc., for H2theFuture to accelerate hydrogen development across the region. 

Discover a World of Energy Research at LSU

Across LSU's vibrant campus, various groups and departments are dedicated to exploring the frontiers of energy research. Dive into cutting-edge projects on carbon capture and storage, delve into the development of clean energy technologies, and unlock the potential of next-generation technology.