Thank You Notes

Expressing gratitude is an important piece of the job search puzzle.

Your thanks should be sent to anyone who helps you along your way in the employment process, from recruiters to interviewers.

A follow-up note solidifies your interest and commitment to a position and will not go unnoticed by the organization.  A thank you can come in the form of an email or a hand written note.


  • Be sure to grab the interviewer's business card before leaving so you will have correct contact information.
  • Ensure your handwriting is legible if you are sending a handwritten card.  Be sure to write your thank you on appropriate stationery.
  • Always identify the date the interview was held.  Recruiters and interviewers may interview many candidates for a position and you want them to be able to identify who you are and when they saw you.
  • Try to reference something specific about the interview to highlight that you were paying attention and that you are a match for the company.

Sample note

Follow this guide for a writing a well planned note:

Dear Mr., Ms., Mrs., Dr. Last Name:

Thank the employer for meeting with you. Reference time, date and/or place, if possible. Express your enthusiasm about gaining employment in the organization. Reiterate qualifications and continuing interest. Include any skills not mentioned in the interview. Emphasize a particular skill or accomplishment that makes you an asset. Express confidence in your ability to perform well in the organization.

Thank the interviewer again for his/her consideration. State that you look forward to further conversation and give a specific date if you plan to follow up with a phone call. Mention any enclosures that the employer has asked you to provide.