Find a Job

We will help you develop a résumé or cover letters as well as give you tips on networking, job-search etiquette, thank you notes and interview preparation.

Anyone looking for a job come graduation needs to know about Employment Services. Our team brings to campus thousands of recruiters every year to recruit students at large- and small-scale events, as well as through the On-Campus Interviewing Program. On a daily basis, we help recruiters meet their hiring needs for all kinds of positions and establish a presence on campus so stars like you consider them when it comes time for that job.

Preparing your documents

You will have to submit a variety of documents in the job search process including a résumé and cover letter. These documents are essential to marketing yourself as an ideal candidate and should be given plenty of thought and time. In this competitive economy, candidates should prepare documents that are customized for each opportunity. Your goal should be to show how YOU are uniquely qualified for each specific position/company. These resources are essential to a successful job search.

The job search

Actually searching can be the most frustrating part of the job search because it is so time intensive. Successful job searches often result from a multi-faceted approach which includes web based searches, networking, direct application, participating in career events, and social media. Remember, don’t focus on one approach, but try to juggle a handful of search strategies throughout the job search.

Fraudulent and Scam Job Postings

We work hard to keep fraudulent postings out of Handshake by using some common “red flags” typically considered suspicious. While red flags don’t automatically remove a job posting, we research the company and posting if suspicion arises before making a decision. You should research suspicious companies or postings, too (or don’t apply). The Fraudulent and Scam Job Postings guide outlines red flags so you, too, can attempt to identify such scam or fraudulent postings. Our position: Never apply for a suspicious job.

Interview preparation

Interviews make even the most confident candidate nervous. The best way to calm your nerves and feel confident about presenting yourself to a potential employer is through practice and understanding the interview process. If you found an interview on your own and need a space, please reserve a space in the Recruitment Center. Use these resources for basic interview preparation:


Did you know that only 20 percent of jobs are posted?  The majority of jobs in the market today are unable to be “searched for” making networking the most essential function of a job search. Networking is the art of building relationships to gain insight and knowledge on a profession, industry, or company, not asking the people you know for jobs. These resources can help you cultivate a professional network to land the perfect job: