On-Campus Interview Schedule Options

Types of Interview Schedules

The On-Campus Interviewing program (OCI) brings employers to campus to interview students each fall and spring.  Employers may choose to conduct a Room Only, Open, or Preselect schedule.


Room Only Schedule*

The Room Only schedule allows recruiters who already have résumés of interested candidates to interview using our facilities.  *These schedules are managed outside of the Handshake system.  A Room Only allows employers to contact students directly and schedule interviews after reserving an interview date.  Individuals on the schedule must have active LSU Handshake accounts, verifying their LSU student or alumni status.  Students from other universities are not allowed to interview in our facility.


Open Schedule

The Open schedule allows LSU students and alumni who are registered with the LSU Olinde Career Center and meet the organization’s requirements to sign up for interviews on a first-come, first-served basis. Sign-ups are managed through Handshake.


Preselect Schedule

The Preselect schedule allows recruiters to review submitted résumés prior to the campus visit and select candidates to be interviewed.  Students who are preselected will then have the opportunity to sign up for interview times through Handshake.  Toward the end of the scheduling period, any alternates that have been selected have the opportunity to select interview times through Handshake, should timeslots remain available.


Résumé Submissions for Preselect Schedules

To be considered for an on-campus interview, students must submit their résumé for every opportunity for which they are interested.  The résumé submission deadline will vary depending on the actual interview date.  All deadlines are listed within each interview schedule.  Each employer has a 35-day application period, ending two weeks before the scheduled interview date.


Employer Selection for Preselect Schedules

After résumé submission has ended (two weeks before the scheduled interview date), employers select primary and alternate candidates via Handshake.  Most employers will email primary candidates, but students should check Handshake daily to see their selection status.


Student Sign Up Period for Preselect Schedules

Primary candidates can begin choosing timeslots nine days prior to the scheduled on-campus interview date.  Signups are based on a first-come, first-served system and are not guaranteed. Should timeslots remain six days prior to the on-campus interview date, alternates may select a slot on a first-come, first-served basis.  Note: Employers may still add primary and alternate students during this time, so students should continually check Handshake for any status updates.

The final schedule closes five days before the interview date and is viewable to employers four days before the interview date.


Employer Questions: Contact Garnesha Beck, On Campus Interviewing Coordinator, at gbeck1@lsu.edu.

Student Questions: Blake Winchell, bwinch1@lsu.edu

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