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Handshake at LSU is supported by a generous gift from Chevron.

About Handshake

Handshake is a centralized platform for all of your campus recruiting needs; 900+ schools use Handshake! Multi- or single-school job posting with just a few clicks. Among other features, Handshake provides:

  • Direct student messaging; contact candidates directly through Handshake.
  • Powerful applicant filtering; narrow down potential hires through advanced filtering options.
  • All of these improvements and more, at zero cost to you!

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Handshake Support:

The Handshake Help Center offers numerous step-by-step instructions on a variety of topics, including job postings, applications, and events and career fairs. Still not finding what you need? Create a support ticket, or contact us at career@lsu.edu


Our Employment Services team is here to assist with any questions related to your recruiting experience in Handshake. Contact us with any questions at career@lsu.edu.

Chevron logo Handshake at LSU is supported by a generous gift from Chevron.