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    Hiring an International Student

    Given the complexity of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA), employers may be uncertain about hiring anyone who is neither a U.S. citizen nor a permanent resident. Yet, federal regulations DO permit employers to hire nonimmigrant students who have obtained necessary documentation for employment authorization in the United States.  Here are resources that can assist you with the process of hiring international students: 

    Employer's Guide to International Students 

    Myths & Facts

    Myths Facts
    Before I sponsor an international student, I have to prove that American workers are not available or that the student is exceptional, special or unique. You do not have to prove that American workers are not available for a job before sponsoring an international student for hire. Special qualities are not relevant. There may be two 10‐day postings required at the organization for notification only.
    The process of hiring an international student will “get me in trouble” with immigration authorities. There will not be a problem with immigration authorities unless you submit paperwork that is not factual or you do not have evidence of valid work authorization.
    To hire an international student, I will have to reveal my financial information to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. In the CPT, OPT, and H1B context, financial information is almost never needed.
    Hiring an international student is too much trouble and requires too much paperwork. The only requirements for hiring an international student could be a few signatures, the I-9 form that all hires complete, and a 10‐day posting (for H-1Bs). Advertisement is not required. An attorney can simplify the process.



    For general information about employing nonimmigrant international students with CPT or OPT work authorization, contact:

    Coordinator of Employment
    International Services
    Louisiana State University
    101 Hatcher Hall


    Hiring a Student with a Disability

    Job Accommodation Network (JAN) 

    The U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy funds JAN, an international toll-free consulting service, the mission of which is to assist in the hiring, retraining, retention, and advancement of persons with disabilities by providing accommodation information. Anyone may call JAN for information about job accommodation and the employability of people with functional limitations.

    The consultants who answer calls understand the broad range of disability issues and have comprehensive and up-to-date information about accommodation methods, devices, and strategies. JAN preserves the confidentiality of communication between caller and consultant.

    JAN can help you hire, retain, and promote qualified employees/applicants with disabilities; reduce workers’ compensation and other insurance costs; address issues pertaining to accessibility; provide accommodation options and practical solutions; and accommodate a student with a disability in the classroom.

    JAN offers:

    • Consultants who are specialists in functional limitations and rehabilitation.

    • Voice/TTY lines for hearing impaired callers.

    • Ability to answer requests in English or Spanish.

    • Materials in English, Spanish, Braille, large print, tape and discs.

    • Comprehensive library of information about tens of thousands of products.

    • Comprehensive data on accommodation methods, policies and strategies.

    • Current information about other service agencies, training programs and funding sources.

    • Technical knowledge about requirements of barrier-free access and the employment provisions of the ADA.


    Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Service

    JAN also helps businesses and services comply with the ADA and other disability related legislation. 1-800-ADA-WORK (Voice/TTY), connects you to a JAN consultant who knows employment issues, public access issues, and ways to modify facilities and equipment to provide access for persons with disabilities. 



    • The Americans with Disabilities Act - An Employer's Responsibilities

    • AskJan.org is your gateway to information on JAN services, accommodations, legal information and other resources to assist in the employment of people with disabilities.

    • Project Soar is JAN's Searchable Online Accommodation Resource that allows you to locate accommodation options for a worker with a disability. It does not require extensive knowledge of disabling conditions or accommodation products and techniques.