Just Like Family: Identical Twin Grads Tout LSU’s ‘Incredibly Supportive’ Environment

May 15, 2024

Portrait of Hope and Haley Cummins

Hope, left, and Haley Cummins.

Twin sisters born six minutes apart are graduating together from LSU two semesters early on Saturday, May 18.

Hope and Haley Cummins, from Woodstock, Ga., come from a long line of SEC graduates. Their great-grandfather was an LSU fan. But it wasn’t until they toured LSU that they knew where they were going to college.

“We loved the beauty of the campus,” Haley says.

Hope and Haley Cummins

Hope, left, and Haley Cummins with their great-grandfather, a dedicated LSU fan.

Haley and Hope chose majors within LSU’s College of Humanities & Social Sciences: Haley studied communication disorders, while Hope studied screen arts.

“I feel like the number one thing I absolutely loved about LSU during my academic career: I felt so supported being here. I cannot think of a single professor that didn’t make me feel really supported. The staff here is so knowledgeable and passionate as well,” Haley says.

“What drew me to LSU is the program, and the academics are excellent. I feel like I learned a lot from my professors,” Hope says.

For Hope, LSU's campus, culture and the broad, specialized majors sealed the deal. "The program here is so unique, and the professors are incredibly supportive," she explains. "I found my passion for editing through the diverse opportunities LSU provided."

Hope and Haley Cummins


Outside of their classroom learning, the sisters lived together all three years. "We're pretty inseparable," Haley says. "Aside from classes and work, we've experienced everything together."

They say they have especially enjoyed the beauty of LSU. “From just walking around the campus and seeing the landscaping and the large trees,” Hope says.

But they’ve also enjoyed the food.

"The food here is amazing," Haley says. "My sister and I are foodies. The hardest part about leaving is knowing we won't have these culinary adventures every day."

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