Graduate Certificate Programs

The E. J. Ourso College of Business offers graduate certificate programs for individuals to gain in-demand skills and advance their careers. To earn a graduate certificate, applicants must have earned a bachelor's degree from an accredited U.S. college or university or its foreign equivalent and apply to Pinkie Gordon Lane Graduate School.



Offered by the LSU School of Nutrition and Food Sciences, Department of Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness, and the E.J. Ourso College of Business, the online Graduate Certificate in Agribusiness opens up your path to a fast-paced career at the intersection of food science and business.

This flexible program is ideal for busy professionals in the food industry. The comprehensive curriculum equips students with a unique blend of skills that are in high demand within the field of agribusiness. Whether you aim to advance in your current role or transition into management, this certificate can help you earn the knowledge to achieve your goals. After completing this degree, you can pursue various roles in supply chain management and the food processing industry, including business manager, supply chain manager, distribution manager, or logistician.

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Advance in the growing field of business analytics with a Graduate Certificate in Analytics from LSU Online and the Stephenson Department of Entrepreneurship & Information Systems in the E. J. Ourso College of Business. This online certificate program is ideal for retraining professionals, scientists, and researchers in the use of big data, and can be completed in less than a year.



cybersecurity risk management

Build in-demand skills and improve your career outlook with the online Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity Risk Management. This comprehensive program, offered through the LSU E. J. Ourso College of Business and LSU Online, provides students with the knowledge they need to navigate the complex world of cybersecurity and effectively manage risk in today's digital landscape. The curriculum teaches essential topics for successful cybersecurity risk management such as information security, cybersecurity frameworks, risk assessments, and IT auditing. After completing this certificate, students will be well-prepared for careers as information security managers or engineers, cybersecurity analysts, internal auditors, and more.

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Offered by the Department of Economics as an on-campus program, this certificate program provides working professionals with the skills needed to understand and use available technology to gain insights into data. Students study topics such as econometric methods, microeconomics, and economic models. This certificate program is designed to enhance your career opportunities and increase your productivity in industry.

A graduate certificate in econometrics can be obtained by earning a minimum 3.0 GPA in the four econometrics courses listed below. No substitution of courses or transfer credit is permitted. The certificate program has prerequisites of multivariate calculus and linear algebra and is open to graduate students at LSU and to non-traditional students from business, industry, and government. 

  • ECON 7630 Econometric Methods
  • ECON 7631 Econometric Methods II  
  • ECON 7632 Microeconometrics
  • ECON 7633 Dynamic Economic Models

To apply for the Certificate in Econometrics program, if you are not currently enrolled at LSU, visit the Pinkie Gordon Lane Graduate School, go to start online application, and choose the Certificate in Econometrics program. The department graduate committee will evaluate applicants.

To apply for the Certificate in Econometrics, if you are a currently enrolled graduate student at LSU, visit the Pinkie Gordon Lane Graduate School, and select Certificate Programs. Fill out the form and bring it to the graduate director of economics. 

In filling out the form, the current graduate director should be listed as the major professor for this degree. On the second page, under "Courses Completed at LSU," the following should be listed: ECON 7630 (3), ECON 7631 (3), ECON 7632 (3), ECON 7633 (3). The lines for "courses completed at other institutions" and "courses remaining to complete this program" should be left blank.

Qiankun Zhou
Associate Professor, Department of Economics 
2321 Business Education Complex South

Emerging Information Technologies for Business

The Graduate Certificate in Emerging Information Technologies equips learners with additional skills and knowledge required to drive key business strategies through information technology. The coursework focuses on cloud computing, Al strategy, policies, programs, and governance that organizations should use to stay relevant and the application of IT. Career opportunities associated with this degree include database administrator, AI/machine learning engineer, or cloud engineer. This graduate certificate is offered as an online program through LSU Online and the Stephenson Department of Entrepreneurship & Information Systems.

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financial analytics

The Graduate Certificate in Financial Analytics, offered by the Department of Finance and LSU Online, equips students to succeed in the fast-paced world of finance.  The program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers key topics such as data analysis, financial modeling, and risk management, with an emphasis on using Python, R, Excel, and other professional finance tools to manipulate and analyze the extremely large datasets ubiquitous in the business world. The certificate and skills learned are applicable across industries and graduates can expect to find roles in a variety of fields, including commercial banking, investment banking, risk management, financial consulting, actuarial services, and others. 

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