Fall 2022 Syllabi | Department of Political Science

1001-1  Fundamental Issues of Politics  (Stoner)

1001-2  Fundamental Issues of Politics  (Mokeba)

1001-3  Fundamental Issues of Politics  (Cloud)

1002-1  Honors: Fundamental Issues of Politics  (Stoner)

2051-1  American Government  (Hogan)

2051-3  American Government  (Hertzock)

2051-4  American Government  (Flournoy)

2051-5  American Government  (Hamel)

2051-6  American Government  (Kenny)

2052-1  Honors: American Government  (Gunderson)

2053-1  Introduction to Comparative Politics  (Mokeba)

2053-2  Introduction to Comparative Politics  (Kerevel)

2056-1  Government of Louisiana  (Flournoy)

2057-1  Introduction to International Politics  (Mokeba)

2057-2  Introduction to International Politics  (Tirone)

2057-3  Introduction to International Politics  (Mokeba)

2057-4  Introduction to International Politics  (Sellers)

2060-1  Introduction to Political Theory  (Little)

2060-2  Introduction to Political Theory  (Cacciatore)

2060-3  Introduction to Political Theory  (Orwin)

2060-4  Introduction to Political Theory  (Stingle)

2070-1  Public Policy Making: An Introduction  (Davis)

3001-1  Approaches to the Study of Politics  (Sarac)

3809-1  Honors: Research Methods  (Ray)

3900-1  Internship/Clinic  (Kenny)

4000-1  ST: Public Policy Evaluation  (Davis)

4000-2  ST: American Constitutional Laws-Rights of Criminally Accused  (Lane)

4000-3  ST: American Constitutional Laws-Rights of Criminally Accused  (Lane)

4000-4  St: Misinformation and Media  (Blair)

4020-1  American Constitutional Law  (Bratton)

4021-1  American Constitution and Civil Liberties  (Bratton)

4021-2  American Constitution and Civil Liberties  (Haynie)

4023-1  Judicial Politics  (Gunderson)

4023-2  Judicial Politics  (Haynie)

4023-3  Judicial Politics  (Abad)

4028-1  Gender and American Politics  (Bauer)

4035-1  Legislative Process  (Hamel)

4039-1  Southern Politics  (Blair)

4040-1  ST: Military History  (Loicano)

4040-2  ST: International Crises and Diplomacy  (Nickens)

4041-1  International Law  (Mokeba)

4046-1  International Political Economy  (Tirone)

4050-1  Globalization & Politics  (W.Kim)

4061-1  Comparative Politics of the Middle East  (Sarac)

4067-1  The Politics Of Asia  (W.Kim)

4072-1  Politics & Government of Eastern Central Europe  (Nickens)

4074-1  Politics of the European Union  (Nickens)

4081-1  HIstory of Political Thought: Plato to More  (Stoner)

7000-1  Professional Development  (Kerevel)

7900-1  Sem: American Politics  (Searles)

7941-1  ST: International Politics-Human Rights  (C.Sullivan)

7962-1  Sem: Research Design & Quantitative Tech  (Garand)

7964-1  ST: Categorized Data Analysis  (Garand)

7964-3  ST: Research Design  (J.Sullivan)

7961-1  St: Comparative Politics-HUman Rights  (C.Sullivan)

7982-1  Sem: Early Modern Political Theory  (Stoner)