Fall 2017 Courses/Syllabi


1001-1  Fundamental Issues of Politics  (Eubanks)

1001-2  Fundamental Issues of Politics  (Mokeba)

1002-1  Honors: Fundamental Issues of Politics  (Eubanks)

2051-1  American Government  (Kenny)

2051-2  American Government  (Davis)

2051-3  American Government  (Mulcahy)

2051-4  American Government  (Brailsford)

2051-5  American Government  (Cota-Robles)

2053-1  Intro to Comparative Politics  (Mokeba)

2053-2  Intro to Comparative Politics  (Nickens)

2053-3  Intro to Comparative Politics  (Nickens)

2057-1  Intro to International Politics  (Mokeba)

2057-2  Intro to International Politics  (Tirone)

2057-3  Intro to International Politics  (Reed)

2060-1  Intro to Political Theory  (Orwin)

2060-2  Intro to Political Theory  (Boersma)

3808-1  Honors Sem: Identity Politics  (Parent)

3901-1  Internship  (Parent)

4011-1  Bureaucracy, Politics, and Public Policy  (Mulcahy)

4020-1  American Constitutional Law  (Bratton)

4021-1  American Constitution & Civil Liberties  (Bratton) 

4023-1  Judicial Politics  (Miller)

4028-1  Gender & American Politics  (Bauer)

4034-1  Political Participation  (Kenny)

4036-1  American Presidency  (Bowman)

4039-1  Southern Politics  (Parent)

4040-1  ST: U.S. Foreign Policy  (Clare)

4040-2  ST: Military History  (Sobek)

4041-1  International Law  (Mokeba)

4043-1  American Foreign Policy  (Clare)

4060-2  ST: Russian Foreign Policy  (Nurullayev)

4060-3  Political Geography  (Marks)

4062-1  Comparative Political Economy  (Kim)

4064-1  Comparative Politics of Developing Areas  (Mokeba)

4065-1  Latin American Government & Politics  (Kerevel)

4072-1  Politics of East Central Europe  (Matthews)

4080-1  American Political Thought  (Stoner)

4090-1  ST: Islamic Political Thought  (Orwin)

4098-1  Politics & Ethics  (Eubanks)

7000-1  Professional Development  (Sobek)

7900-1  Sem: American Politics  (Kalmoe)

7903-1  ST: Implicit Bias  (Sullivan, J.)

7946-1  Sem: International Political Economy  (Tirone)

7961-1  Approaches to the Study of Politics  (Sullivan, C.)

7962-1  Sem: Research, Design, and Methods  (Ray)

7964-1  ST: Categorical Data Analysis  (Garand)

7971-1  ST: Descriptive Representation  (Kerevel)

7976-1  Sem: Comparative Political Economy  (Kim)

7980-1  Sem: American Political Thought  (Stoner)