Dr. Mike Hendrson pictureDr. Michael B. Henderson 

Associate Professor

Ph.D.:  Harvard University
Office:  204 Hodges Hall
Phone:  225-578-5149
Fax:  225-578-2540
Email:  mbhende1@lsu.edu  

Curriculum Vitae

Area of Interest

Dr. Henderson studies political communication, polling, public opinion, and electoral campaigns in American politics.  Specifically, his research focuses on how information shapes what citizens learn about public affairs and how they use this knowledge in making decisions.

Selected Publications

Henderson, M. and A. Oden.  Forthcoming.  "Persisting anxiety: The duration of emotions during the Covid-19 pandemic," Public Opinion Quarterly.

Henderson, Michael B. 2022.  "Public Opinion in Louisiana: More Change, More of the Same," In The Party is Over: The New Louisiana Politics. Eds. Pearson Cross & Christie L. Maloyed. Baton Rouge, LA: LSU Press.

Henderson, M., K. Jiang, M. Johnson, and L. Porter.2021.  "Measuring Twitter Use: Validating Survey-Based Measures," Social Science Review, 39(6): 1121-1141.

Barrows, S., M. Henderson, P. Peterson, and M. West. 2016.  "Relative Performance Information and Perceptions of Public Service Quality: Evidence from Schools."  Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory 26(3): 571-583.

Chingos, M.M., M. Henderson, and M.R. West. 2012.  "Citizen Perceptions of Government Service Quality: Evidence from Public Schools," Quarterly Journal of Political Science 7: 411-445.


Dr. Henderson received his Ph.D. in government and social policy from Harvard University and currently serves as the political communication area head at the Manship School of Mass Communication. His interests include public opinion and elections. he has been involved in the design of several polls, including the 2007-22 Associated Press Yahoo New Election Panel Study, Which tracked the opinions of voters over the course of the 2008 presidential campaign, and the annual Education Next Poll, administered under the auspices of Harvard University Program on Education Policy and Governance to track Americans' opinions of their schools and education reform.  His research has been supported by the National Science Foundation and has appeared in Public Opinion Quarterly, Political Behavior, the Quarterly Journal of Political Science and the Journal of Elections, Public Opinion, and Parties. His work has also been covered by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Atlantic.