The Department is home to over 350 undergraduate majors and over 50 graduate students. They study with 25 faculty who are well known scholars in a wide variety of fields and who are amongst the most honored teachers at this university. We provide a vibrant place to study and a perfect place to prepare for an active role in politics.

Department Events

Fall Colloquia Series

(Held in Stubbs 210 unless otherwise noted)

September 20, 2019: Rachel Schwartz, Tulane University, "Civil War, Institutional Change, and the Criminalization of the State: Evidence from Guatemala"
October 4, 2019:  Anna Gunderson,  “Who Punishes More? Partisanship, Punitive Policies, and the Puzzle of Democratic Governor”
October 11, 2019: Eric van Holm, University of New Orleans, “Gentrification and the Future of American Cities”
October 23, 2019: Hubert H. Humphrey Lectureship Series.  NYU Abu Dhabi Professor, Becky Morton, "Social Groups and the Effectiveness of Protests: The Role of Information Sharing and Aggregation". Talk will be from 2:00-3:30 p.m. at the Hill Memorial Library. Sponsored by the LSU Political Science Department.
November 1, 2019: Jim Stoner, “Why Political Theory Should Be Every (Other) Political Scientist’s Second Field”
November 8, 2019: Yann Kerevel, "Legislative Effectiveness in Multiparty Presidential Systems"
November 15, 2019: Elizabeth Lane, “Quality versus Quantity: Amicus Curiae Brief Influence on the United States Supreme Court”
December 6, 2019: Alex Orwin, “To Submit or not to Submit: Michel Houellebecq's Dream of an Expanded Muslim-European Union”

Faculty Highlights

The Department of Political Science is excited to welcome;Anna Gunderson and Elizabeth Lane to LSU! Anna and Elizabeth will join us in the Fall of 2019; follow their links to learn more about their past and ongoing research.

Dr. Jas Sullivan was selected as a 2019 Tiger Athletic Foundation Teaching Award winner!

Dr. Kathleen Searles is this years recipient of the Emerging Scholar in the Arts, Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences Rainmaker Award! (Spring 2019)

Graduate Highlights

Graduate student, Alex Cole, was awarded the LSU Dissertation Fellowship for the Academic Year 2019-2020

Graduate student, Dmitriy Nurullayev, was awarded the LSU College of Humanities and Social Sciences Graduate Student Teaching Award. (Spring 2019)

Job Candidates

Academic Counseling

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Political Science Major Requirements

  • 33 hours of political science courses
    • At least 18 of them 3000 or above
    • POLI 2051 American Government;Plus one course (any course) each in the three other fields
      • Comparative Politics;
      • International Politics
      • Political Theory