Boru Chen | LSU Political Science

Office:  334 Stubbs Hall


MA: Political Theory, Renmin University of China, 2023
BA:  International Relations, Jilin University, 2020


Boru Chen studied Carl Schmitt's justification of "enmity" fo his bachelor's thesis, which led him to political theory.  During his master's program he focused on the hermeneutics of political theory and the role of religion in early modern political philosophy.  His master's thesis analyzed the problem; whether Hobbes advocates positive state control over the interpretation of religious truths.  this thesis tentatively argued that: (1) Hobbes uses religion to depict a vision of the modern world; (2) Hobbes' biblical interpretation leads to no specific truths favored by the state but religious toleration; (3) by advocating Scripture translation and criticizing clergy, Hobbes considers religious truth as accessible to ordinary people.

Area of Interests

Political Philosophy (Early Modern, Contemporary)

Teaching Experience

TA for "History of Western Political Thought" (undergraduate), Renmin University of China, 2022
TA for "Classics in Political Theory" (graduate), Renmin University of China, 2022