Alexander Schmid | LSU Political Science

Office:  311 Stubbs Hall


California Secondary Education Credential:  Brandman University (2016)
MA:  St. John's College (2012)
BA:  Marquette University (2009)


Alexander Schmid is a doctoral candidate in the Comparative Literature Program and doctoral student in the Department of Political Science at Louisiana State University.  Last year, Schmid received a Phi Kappa Phi Research Grant to present a paper at the Dante Society of America Biennial New College Conference, and was selected to submit his research again at Harvard University's Institute of World LIterature in Mainz, Germany, Summer 2022, for which he received full tuition funding.  This year, Alexander has four academic publications forthcoming; one in the Dickinson College Commentaries series, another in the Journal of Contextual Economics, a third in a special issue of Humanities, and his fourth in a short review article on Columbia University's Digital Dante website in Early Modern Digital Review.  He will be presenting a paper at the Bretton Woods conference this Fall, presenting a paper at the Modern Language Association annual meeting this January, and also presenting at the prestigious International Society for the HIstory of Arabic and Islamic Science and Philosophy in Munich, this September 2023.  Alexander will be organizing a panel for the Dante Society of America at the Renaissance Society of America's 2024 meeting.  He is set to complete his dissertation in Comparative Literature in late 2024, and will continue working on his doctorate in Political Science.

Areas of Interest

Ancient Philosophy
Medieval Philosophy
Dante's Metaphysics
Inter-Religious Dialogue
History of the Transmission of Philosophy
Medieval Jewish, Christian, and Arabic Aristotelianism
Political Theory 
Political Theory and Ancient and Medieval Epic Poetry