Political Science Fall 2014 Syllabi

1001-1  Fundamental Issues of Politics  (Eubanks)
2051-1  American Government  (Thompson)
2051-2  American Government  Kenny
2051-4  American Government  (McKearn)
2051-5  American Government  (Point)
2051-7  American Government  (Craig)
2053-1  Intro to Comparative Politics  (Mokeba)
2053-2  Intro to Comparative Politics  (Gilley)
2053-3  Intro to Comparative Politics  (Toje)
2057-1  Intro to International Politics  (Mokeba)
2057-2  Intro to International Politics  (Tirone)
2057-3  Intro to International Politics  (Homayounvash)
2060-1  Intro to Political Theory  (Varacalli)
2060-2  Intro to Political Theory  (Vosburg)
3809-1  Honors Seminar: Statesmanship and Constitutional Democracy  (Stoner)
3901-1  Internship  (Parent)
4000-1  ST: Voting Behavior in US Nat'l Elections  (Kenny)
4020-1  Constitutional Law  (Bratton)
4021-1  Civil Liberties  (Craig)
4023-1  Judicial Politics  (Hitt)
4026-1  Campaign and Elections  (Mann)
4031-1  Political Parties  (Hogan)
4035-1  Legislative Process  (Hogan)
4036-1  American Presidency  (Mulcahy)
4039-1  Southern Politics  (Parent)
4040-1  ST: Military History  (Sobek)  
4041-1  International Law  (Mokeba)
4043-1  American Foreign Policy  (Clare)
4044-1  Contemporary International Systems  (Mokeba)
4046-1  International Political Economy  (Tirone)   
4048-1  Int'l Conflict and Cooperation  (Clare)
4059-1 Int'l Politics of the Middle East  (Homayounvash)
4060-3  ST: Nazi Cultural Policy  (Mulcahy)
4060-4  ST: Totalitarianism  (Vosburg)
4060-6  ST: Political Geography  (Marks)
4060-8  ST: Iran Post-Revolution Politics  (Homayounvash)
4063-1  Comparative Political Institutions  (Potter)
4064-1  Comp. Politics of Developing Areas  (Mokeba)
4067-1  Politics of Asia  (Kim)
4074-1  Politics of the European Union  (Ray)
4081-1  History of Political Theory  (Sandoz)
4234-1  Studies in Literature and Politics  (Eubanks)
7000-1  Professional Development  (Garand)
7900-1  Seminar in American Politics  (Dunaway)
7941-1  ST: Civil War  (Sobek)
7961-1  Approaches to the Study of Politics (Davis)
7962-1  Research Design and Quantitative Technique  (Ray)
7964-1  ST: Advanced Topics in Research Methods  (Garand)..
7971-1  ST: Comparative Elections  (Potter)
7976-1  Comparative Political Economy  (Kim)
7980-1  American Political Thought  (Stoner)