Spring 2013 Syllabus

1001-1 Fundamental Issues of Politics (Stoner)
1002-1 Fundamental Issues of Politics (Stoner)
2030-2 Civic Engagement (Bratton)
2051-1 American Government (Kenny)
2051-2 American Government (Kenny)
2051-3 American Government (WEB BASED) (Haynie)
2051-4 American Government (LeBlanc)
2051-5 American Government (Thompson)
2053-1 Intro to Comparative Politics (Mokeba)
2053-2 Intro to Comparative Politics (Schulz)
2053-3 Intro to Comparative Politics (Richard)
2056-1 Government of Louisiana (Parent)
2057-1 Intro to International Politics (Mokeba)
2057-2 Intro to International Politics (Voisin)
2057-3 Intro to International Politics (Ezell)
2060-1 Intro to Political Theory (Howes)
2060-2 Intro to Political Theory (Mabry)
2070-1 Public Policy Making (Mckearn)
4000-1 ST: Gender, Sexuality and the Law (Moyer)
4000-2 ST: Media and Politics (Dunaway)
4000-3 ST: Deans Seminar Southern Identity (Parent/Foster)
4001-1 Research Methods in Poli Sci (Garand)
4015-1 American State Politics and Policy Making (Hogan)
4021-1 Constitution and Civil Liberties (Moyer)
4023-1 Judicial Politics (Haynie)
4034-1 Political Participation (Scholl)
4036-1 American Presidency (Hernandez)
4036-2 American Presidency (Seigler)
4040-1 ST: International Terrorism (Sobek)
4042-1 International Organization (Mokeba)
4042-2 International Organization (Mokeba)
4043-1 American Foreign Policy (Clare)
4046-1 International Political Economy (Tirone)
4048-1 International Conflict and Cooperation (Clare)
4060-1 ST: British Politics (Clark)
4062-1 Comparative Political Economy (Kim)
4078-1 African Government and Politics (Mokeba)
4082-1 History of Political Theory from Machiavelli to Nietzsche (Kuz)
4090-1 ST: Political Theory: Theory and Practice of Non-Violence (Howes)
7903-1 Seminar: ST: Political Psychology (Weber)
7915-1 Seminar: State Politics and Policy Making (Hogan)
7940-1 Seminar: International Politics (Sobek)
7963-1 Advanced Research Methods in Social Science (Garand)
7970-1 Seminar: Comparative Government (Ray)
7974-1 Seminar: The State and Society (Kim)
7995-1 Seminar: Contemporary Political Theory (Sandoz)