Les Happy Hours Françaises 

In May of 2018, the Friends of French Studies at LSU began hosting French Happy Hours as a way for our members to connect with each other socially and share their interest and passion for the French language and culture.

Following are photo galleries organized by year: 


In May 2022 Friends of French Studies returned to the newly renovated Juban’s Restaurant and Bar for our Happy Hour Française.  Additional Happy Hours were held at Bistro Byronz Mid-City in August, October, and December. (photo gallery) 


Our first post-pandemic shut-down happy hour was held on the porch at Parrain’s in early October.  In December 2021 Friends of French Studies hosted a return to happy hours at Beusoleil Coastal Cuisine

People toastingGroup at entranceTwo people standing with drinksTwo ladies sitting with drinks

Three people standing with drinksTwo people standing


A happy hour was held at Juban’s Atrium Bar in February, just before the global pandemic shut down in-person events for the remainder of the year. (no photos) 


Happy Hours were held at Juban’s Atrium Bar in February, June, and August.  In October we met at Flambée.  (photo gallery link) 


After a debut happy hour at Galatoire’s, events were held in the Atrium Bar at Juban’s Creole Restaurant

People lookingThree people standingTwo people standingGroup at table

Couple smilingGroup standingGroup posing for photoTwo people posing

Happy Hour wide shotLarge group posingThree people posing