Glassdoor for Students

Are you searching for a job or internship and not sure you are finding the best information? Did you find that perfect job but want to know more information about the company? Maybe you are interested in how much you could potentially make after graduation? Combine your Handshake search with Glassdoor and you will be on the road to securing your career and making a confident decision that it is the right one for you!

Discover Glassdoor for Students. Glassdoor is a free job search resource designed to help students find and research the latest internships, jobs, salaries, company reviews and more. Start searching the career path you are interested in and discover average salaries, pros and cons of the job, the education needed and some of the top-paying companies. Find internship or entry-level positions that fit your needs and use the company reviews to determine if they are the best fit for you. You can also explore the salary database and see what you could expect to make your first year. Another feature is to see what other people have gone through and some questions that may be asked during an interview. Start your search today and be ready to Geaux Get Hired!