At Home Resources

At Home Resources

The perfect resource for parents, educators, and plant enthusiasts to learn about different ways to engage with nature at home. The red rose next to each activity title represents that it is appropriate for children and families! 


LSU AgCenter Botanic Gardens Resources

pink crate myrtle

Nature Learning Activitiesrose clip art

These activites are great for in classroom and at home use for your children. 

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Virtual Tours

Visit the Botanic Gardens from home! By viewing this page you will see videos and live maps of the Gardens without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. 

Activities featured by LSU AgCenter Botanic Gardens 

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Citizen Scientistsrose clip art

Citizen scientists are individuals from all walks of life: gardeners, nature enthusiasts, students, educators, and the general public, who would like to share their observations about nature and local ecology as part of a collaborative project with scientists and the global community. 

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Birding with Burdenrose clip art

While you may not be able to join us at Burden, please enjoy this page that includes multiple resources on birding information, birding apps, birding guides, and more for birding at home!  Our goal is to provide you with information about our birding loops and links to resources that will enhance your birding experience. 

LSU AgCenter Resources

children's garden

LSU AgCenter Youth Resourcesrose clip art

These pages include several projects geared toward children's gardening. 


Louisiana-based Publications

monarch butterfly

Common Butterflies Found in our Pollinator Garden

Sarah Rayner, Youth Education Coordinator

The butterflies in this are common to the Pollinator Garden at the LSU AgCenter Botanic Gardens and throughout the surrounding areas. 

pink flowers

Louisiana Native Pollinator Trees 

Dr. Chrissy Mogren

Landscaping trees into your yard provides numerous benefits such asshade, improving drainage, and habitat for pollinators and other wildlife. As you walk outside, keep an eye out for signs indicating which trees provide important resources for Louisiana native bees, butterflies, and moths!


LSU AgCenter Botanic Gardens Galleries

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Rose Galleryrose clip art

View our rose gallery to explore the many varieties of roses and match with the rose brushes you may have blooming at your home! The rose garden was a favorite of Steele Burden. He was known to cut roses from the garden and surprise friends and supporters with a bouquet. 

pink camellia

Camellia Galleryrose clip art

View our camellia gallery to explore the many varieties of camellias and match with the camellia brushes you may have blooming at your home! The Botanic Gardens contain one of the largest private camellia collections in the U.S.A. and is recognized as an International Camellia Garden of Excellence.