Questionmark Information

In Summer 2020, the Office of Testing and Evaluation Services moved from Questionmark Perception to Questionmark OnPremise. The update in Questionmark software will allow faculty to directly create exams and enable additional capabilities. 

What is Questionmark?

Questionmark is a robust test-creation/delivery software that allows faculty to create course assessments and view comprehensive reporting and analytics. Questionmark is supported by OTES and is available for free to all LSU faculty.

For more information about Questionmark's features and capabilities, please click on the Questionmark Fact Sheet image below.

Questionmark Fact Sheet Image Tile

Process for Faculty to Use Questionmark

1. Create Faculty Account

  • Visit the LSU Questionmark website and Sign In for the first time.

  • Email to inform them you have set up your account with Questionmark.

  • OTES will activate the faculty settings and set up the “Assessment & Topics” folder access. Once steps are completed, OTES will send an email confirmation to faculty.

2. Using Questionmark

Support for faculty who have previously used Questionmark:

  • OTES can assist faculty with moving content from the old instance of Questionmark Perception to the new instance of Questionmark OnPremise. Please email for assistance.
  • View Questionmark OnPremise training videos below.

Support for faculty who are first-time users of Questionmark:

  • Schedule a one-on-one support session with an OTES staff member to get started with using Questionmark by emailing
  • View Questionmark OnPremise training videos below.

Faculty who would like to use third party item banks or convert existing exams from Moodle or another exam software, please see the Questionmark Importing Files resources.

Faculty can use the "Tryout" function on the assessment settings in order to demo an exam.

3. Publishing Questionmark Exams

  • Once a faculty member is ready to publish the exam for use, they will email to request the exam be reviewed and published.
    In the email, please include the course name and the exam name.
  • Please allow OTES five business days to complete the review and publish the exam.  

Support to Faculty

Questionmark Support:

OTES Support:


Please contact OTES for information on using Questionmark with remote proctoring services, such as ProctorU.


Questionmark Training Videos

Below are a series of videos to help faculty use Questionmark.

Get Started with Questionmark

Create a Faculty Account

This video shows faculty how to create a Questionmark account and the main features of the Questionmark homepage.

Visit the LSU Questionmark website and Sign In for the first time.


Using Questionmark to Create Assessments

Creating Topics

This video explains the concept of Topics and how to create Topics to organize assessment questions.

Creating Questions

This video reviews the general process for creating questions.

Developing Assessments

This video shows faculty how to configure, organize and prepare the assessment for publishing.

Creating Specific Questions

The below videos provide greater details on how to create specific types of questions faculty may include in their course assessment.

Multiple Choice

 Multiple Response

 Text Match

True or False

Yes or No



The video below details Questionmark's robust reporting and analytics featureset. 

Reporting & Analytics