For Placement/Credit Exams

Testing & Evaluation Services administers placement/credit exams on a regular basis.  All incoming students have the ability to take these placement exams at no cost until the last day to add classes of their first semester.  At this time they are officially LSU students and must follow the procedure described below for continuing students.

Exam Test Length
Algebra 45 minutes
Calculus 90 minutes
Chemistry 60 minutes
French 60 minutes
German 60 minutes
Latin 60 minutes
Spanish Not timed
Trigonometry 45 minutes


You may only take a specific placement/credit exam one time. 

Please consult with an Academic Counselor to determine if you need to take a placement/credit exam.


Continuing and Transfer Students (Total Cost $40)

Continuing and Transfer Students must complete the following steps to register for a placement/credit exam(s):

  1. Contact your college for a "Request to Take Advanced Standing/Proficiency/Credit Exam" form. Approval from both your college and the department offering the course is required. 
  2. Report to the Office of the University Registrar in Room 112 Thomas Boyd Hall to be assessed a $20.00 fee.
  3. Report to the Office of Bursar Operations in Room 125 Thomas Boyd Hall to pay the fee.
  4. Return to the Office of the University Registrar in Room 112 Thomas Boyd Hall with your payment receipt in order to obtain a form required for registration.
  5. Report to Testing and Evaluation Services in Himes 51 with the required form issued by the University Registrar. An additional $20 fee will be assessed and an admission ticket will be issued, which must be used for entry into the exam.


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