Electronic Test Scoring & Scanning

Testing & Evaluation Services provides computerized scanning and test scoring services utilizing OMR technology. Interpretive tools including scores, frequency distribution, item analysis, reliability coefficient, and descriptive statistics. Individual report sheets for students, electronic transfer of data, and advanced statistical analysis are available.

Multiple-choice exams using full size Scantron (8.5"x11") general purpose scan sheets can be quickly graded and analyzed. The basic charge of $12 per test, per course includes the following services:

  • Lists of scores - one listing students alphabetically with rank and one listing students by LSU ID number.
  • Frequency distribution - a graph showing the distribution of scores; also gives the mean, median, and standard deviation.
  • Item analysis - a list showing the percentage of examinees who selected each specific answer choice for each question; also shows answers selected by upper third and lower third.

Other services we provide for additional charges on a per-exam basis include the following:

  • Individual Response Sheets - a printout appropriate for handing back to students that shows what each student answered for each question, the correct answer to each question, and student rank. Cost = $2.50/test.
  • Electronic Data Transfer - a text file, which lists examinees, scores, and any score adjustments, that can be emailed or provided to users on a disk. Cost = $7/test.
  • SAS Summary - provides mean, variance, standard deviation, reliability (KR-20), and standard error of measurement. Cost = $2.50/test.

The following are also available on an as-needed basis:

  • Standard 5-response sheets (answer choices A-E), 500-count. Cost = $20/pack.
  • 10-response sheets (answer choices A-J), 500-count. Cost-$25/pack.