Paper and Pencil Testing Plans

The LSU Office of Testing and Evaluation Services (OTES) will provide on-campus locations for flex-scheduling/hybrid courses to take paper and pencil test for the Summer 2021 Semester.


Guidelines for Paper and Pencil Testing

1. Eligibility for using paper and pencil testing

  • Paper and pencil testing is only available for courses that are flex scheduling/hybrid. Specifically, for courses that meet in classrooms that prohibit the entire class from meeting in person at the same time.
  • Courses taught completely online are not eligible.

2. Scheduling paper and pencil exams

  • Exams must be given during the designated course time slot.
  • For example, if your course meets on Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 10:30 - 11:30am, you will need to schedule your course exam during that time.
  • To maximize usage of the testing space, several smaller courses may be scheduled at the same time and in the same space.

3. Testing Materials

  • Instructors are responsible for all testing materials.
  • Scantrons can be purchased from OTES, please visit the Scoring and Scantron page for more information.

4. Exam Proctoring

  • Instructors are responsible for proctoring students or providing proctors, OTES will not be able to provide proctoring services.
  • An OTES staff member will meet the faculty member to let them into the paper and pencil testing space.

5. Testing Space

  • Unless otherwise notified, the testing location will be 52 Himes Hall, the LSU Testing Center. This space holds between 100 - 160 students.
  • Cleaning materials will be provided in each testing space, students and faculty will be responsible for wiping down their own desks/chairs before and after each test, in accordance with the LSU policy for classrooms. Additionally, the paper and pencil testing spaces will be cleaned once a day, including doorknobs, light switches, chairs and desk, as well as other hard surfaces.


Scheduling Space for Paper and Pencil Exam

1. Fill out the Paper and Pencil Exam Form

  • To request a space and time for paper and pencil exams, please fill out the Paper and Pencil Exam Form.

2. OTES will Review Form

  • Once the form is received, OTES will review the form and determine if space is available
  • If the space is available, you will receive confirmation with the date, time, location and other details for using the space.
  • If the space is not available, OTES will follow up and provide faculty with additional times the space is currently available.

Request Exam Space 


Please email with questions you may have related to scheduling paper and pencil exams.