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Manship Ambassadors

Meet the Manship Ambassadors

The Manship Ambassadors are a select group of students dedicated to serving and representing the Manship School. Manship Ambassadors help recruit exceptional students, give tours of facilities, meet with dignitaries and visitors, and attend Manship School student orientations for freshmen, pre-mass communication students and newly admitted students. Incoming sophomores, juniors or seniors in the Manship School are eligible to apply. Applications are available early in the spring semester.

Please welcome our 2019-2020 Manship Ambassadors!

  • Mattison Allen
  • Ariel Baise
  • Samantha Beekman
  • Daniel Bischoff
  • Avery Bracken
  • Sarah Bradford
  • Alannie Broussard
  • Gwendolyn Camerlinck
  • Mahogani Counts
  • Alaina Davanzo
  • Whitney Hicks
  • Aaron Jacobs
  • Nicole Jones
  • Sarah LaBorde
  • Maggie Landry
  • Allison Leavitt
  • Kanick Lewis
  • Amaya Lynch
  • Delanie McDonald
  • Sydney McGovern
  • Walter Miller
  • Elizabeth Nguyen
  • Brooke Smith
  • Jessica Speziale
  • Preston Wyatt