“We believe we exist to serve the total community and that’s why this School has worked hard to diversify its curriculum, its faculty and staff.”

-- former Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost John Maxwell Hamilton  


Commitment to Diversity 

The Manship School is dedicated to creating an educational environment in which diversity is valued and encouraged and is working to be on the forefront of educating both students and professionals on the topic of media diversity. In fact, the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication awarded its inaugural Diversity and Equity Award to the Manship School. The School was cited for its comprehensive diversity plan, fundraising for diversity, organized efforts to recruit faculty and students, constant attention to the classes it offers, faculty research and service to other universities, journalists and their public through its Forum on Media Diversity website. 

Get the Facts

  • 60% of our faculty members have conducted research on topics related to diversity.
  • The School has received four separate grants that involve diversity related concepts.
  • In 2009, 13% of Manship School majors were African-American, Latino or Asian and nearly 30% of the faculty and staff represented minority groups.
  • Faculty members have led numerous ethnic media workshops and seminars, including the upcoming John Breaux Symposium entitled The Influence of Ethnic Media on Politics and Participation.
  • The Reilly Center for Media & Public Affairs helped establish the Forum on Media Diversity which includes a bibliographic database of over 3,000 academic and professional journal articles, books and conference papers on diversity issues with focus on media, journalism and communication in both national and international contexts.
  • The Manship School is committed to creating a Chair in Diversity, Media & Public Affairs and is well on its way to fully funding the position.