Graduate Students

Tanzina Afrin PhotoTanzina Afrin - PhD Student
B.S. Military Institute of Science and Technology, Bangladesh
M.S. IHE, the Netherlands
M.S. Louisiana State University
Advisor: Dr. Kory Konsoer
River Dynamics, Sediment Transport, Hydrodynamics, Hydrology

Ashley AllenAshley L. Allen - PhD Student
B.A. Oklahoma State University 
M.A. University of Wyoming
Advisor: Dr. Dydia DeLyser
Cultural geography, landscape, memory, identity, folklore, united states, narrative
and rural communities

Ashlee AutoreAshlee Autore - MS Student
B.S. Meteorology & Climatology, University of Delaware
Advisor: Dr. Barry Keim
Meteorology, climatology, climate extremes, teleconnections

Kathleen BenedettoKathleen Benedetto - PhD Student
B.S. Psychology, LSU
M.S.W., Tulane University
Advisor: Dr. Jill Trepanier
Extreme climate events, hurricanes

Krista BennetKrista Bennett - MA Student
B.A. Psychology, B.A. Anthropology, University of North Texas
Advisor: Dr. Ginesse Listi
Forensic Anthropology, Skeletal Trauma, Osteology

Rupsa BhowmickRupsa Bhowmick - PhD Student
B.S. University of Calcutta
M.S. University of Calcutta
Advisor: Dr. Jill Trepanier
Climatology, applied climatology, extreme climatic events, remote sensing and GIS

Kyle BikowskiKyle Bikowski - MA Student
B.A. Anthropology, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa
B.A. International Studies, University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh
Advisor: Dr. Micha Rahder
Sociocultural Anthropology, Gaymers and Gayming, Science and Technology Studies, Cyborg Anthropology, Virtual Spaces, Nerd Culture, LGBTQ+ Studies

Charles CananCharles Canan - PhD Student
A.S. Emergency Medical Services, Nicholls State University
B.S. Allied Health - Professional Practice, Nicholls State University 
M.S. Emergency Management and Homeland Security, Arkansas Tech University 
Advisor: Dr. Barry Keim
Disaster sciences; interests include physical geography, hydrology, and geomorphology

Sharon Cilano     Sharon Cilano - PhD Student
      BA Anthropology 2016 Hartwick College / Oneonta, NY
      MA Teaching 2019 Northwestern State University of Louisiana / Natchitoches, LA
      Associates of General Studies 2016 Northwestern State University of Louisiana 
      Advisor: Dr. Brody and Dr. Regis 
      Cultural anthropology and ethnographic methods, educational anthropology, zoological parks, ecology/conservation

Adam CoxAdam Cox - MS Student
B.A. Lawrence University
Advisor: Dr. Andrew Sluyter
Historic maps, web GIS, open source GIS software development, Louisiana history

Elizabeth CruzadoElizabeth Cruzado Carranza - PhD Student
B.A. Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Peru
M.A. University of Memphis
Advisor: Dr. David Chicoine
Andean archaeology, mortuary practices, archaeobotany, public archaeology, site preservation, museum studies, identity, cultural heritage

Juliana DelgadoJuliana Delgado - MS Student
B.A. Escuela Superior de Administración Pública, Colombia
M.A. Universidad de los Andes, Colombia
Human Geography, Local and Regional Development, Urban and Rural Planning, Land Use, Forest Policies, Rural Communities, GIS, Colombia, Latin America

Audrey DeLuca Audrey DeLuca - MA Student
B.A. Anthropology and History, University of Alabama
Advisor: Dr. David Chicoine
Bioarchaeology, Historical Archaeology, Gender Studies, Mortuary Practices

Adam Dohrenwend Adam S. Dohrenwend - PhD Student
B.A. Geography, SUNY Geneseo
M.A. Geography, University of Kansas
Advisor: Dr. Andrew Sluyter
South America, political ecology, geographies of consumption, agriculture, globalization

Kevin Durbin Kevin Durbin - PhD Student
B.S. Louisiana State University
M.S. Georgia Tech
Advisor: Dr. Fahui Wang
Urban and transportation geography, land use patterns and policy, public policy and administration, GIS, urban scenario modeling

Katherine Elder Katherine Elder - MA Student
B.A. Anthropology and French
Advisor: Dr. Ginesse Listi
Forensics and Bioarchaeology

Monica Fenton Monica Fenton - MA Student
B.A. University of Pennsylvania
Advisor: Dr. David Chicoine
Archaeology, the Andes, Lower Central America, gender, queerness, bioarchaeology, zooarchaeology, mortuary practices

Blaine Fisher Blaine Fisher - PhD Student
B.S. Southeastern Louisiana University 
M.S. University of New Orleans
M.L.A. Tulane University
Advisor: Dr. Heather McKillop
Impact of Manmade and Natural Disasters on Ancient Societies, The Terminal Classic Maya Collapse, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in archaeological Research,  Evolution of Archaeology into the Digital Space, Geographical and Environmental Impacts on Ancient Societies,
Ancient Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction

Conner Flynt Conner Flynt - MA Student
B.A. Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas
Advisor: Dr. Heather McKillop 
Maya Archaeology, Underwater Archaeology, Ancient History, Maya Epigraphy

Cheryl Foster Cheryl M Foster - PhD Student
B.A. University of Central Florida
M.A. University of Central Florida
Advisor: Dr. Heather McKillop
Maya Archaeology, Underwater Archaeology, Paleoethnobotany, Geology, Herbalism, Environmental Archaeology

Kelsey Fox Kelsey Fox - MA Student
B.S. University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Advisor: Dr. Robert Tague
Forensic Anthropology

Margaret Furtner Margaret Furtner - MA Student
B.A. DePauw University
Advisor: Dr. Juliet Brophy
Paleoanthropology, Osteology, Dental Anthropology

Madeline Fussell Madeline Fussell - MA Student
B.A. Louisiana State University
Advisor: Dr. Helen Regis
New Orleans, race, clothing and physical adornment, housing, public policy

Christopher Goden Christopher Goden - MA Student
B.S. Anthropology, Kennesaw State University 
Advisor: Dr. Ginesse Listi
Forensic anthropology and skeletal variation

Melinda Gonzalez Melinda González - PhD Student
B.A. Barnard College of Columbia University 
M.A. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey-New Brunswick
Advisor: Dr. Micha Rahder
Socio-cultural anthropology, ethnomusicology, environmental anthropology, music as resistance, language and culture, food studies, land rights, indigenous rights, Latin America and the Caribbean

SK Groll SK Groll - PhD Student
B.A. Case Western Reserve University
M.A. Louisiana State University
Advisor: Dr. Mary Jill Brody
Sociocultural and public anthropology, ethnography of social movements, political economy, geography of resistance, politics of education, medical anthropology, body ideals, gender, sexual health, adolescent cultures

Ya Han Ya Han - PhD Student
B.S. Geography, Peking University 
M.S. Geography, Peking University
Advisor: Dr. Fahui Wang
GIS, urban planning, climate change

Kenetha Harrington Kenetha Harrington - PhD Student
M.A. St. Xavier University
Advisor: Dr. Joyce Jackson, Dr. Helen Regis
African diaspora archaeology, historical archaeology, sociocultural anthropology, slavery in America, black culture, space, ethnohistory, and identity

Dwayne Hinton Dwayne Hinton - MA Student
A.A Baton Rouge Community College
A.S. Baton Rouge Community College
B.A. Louisiana State University
B.A.M.C. Louisiana State University
B.I.S. Louisiana State University
Advisor: Dr. Heather McKillop
Maya Archaeology, Underwater Archaeology, 3-D Imaging, Drones, Louisiana Mounds, Wood Identification, Botany

Liam Johnson Liam Johnson - MA Student
B.S. University of South Florida
Advisor: Dr. Ginesse Listi
Forensic Anthropology, Taphonomy, Bioarchaeology, GIS, and 3D Technologies

Marisa Karpinski Marisa Karpinski - MS Student
B.S. University of Delaware
Advisor: Dr. Barry Keim
Tropical climatology, hurricanes, climate communication, risk perception

Mat Keel Mat Keel - PhD Student
B.A. University of Massachusetts, Amherst
M.A. University of California, Los Angeles
Advisor: Dr. Kent Mathewson
Political ontology, political ecology, decoloniality, plant neurobiology, African plant diaspora, Brazil

Brandy Kerr Brandy Kerr - MA Student
B.A. Anthropology, Louisiana State University
B.A. Spanish, Louisiana State University
Advisor: Dr. Rebecca Saunders
Prehistoric Plaquemines culture in southeast Louisiana

Hyunjoong Kim Hyunjoong Kim - PhD Student
B.S. Anyang University, South Korea
M.S. Anyang University, South Korea
Advisor: Dr. Fahui Wang
Urban and Regional Planning, Urban Simulation Model, Spatial Disparity, Spatial Statistical Analysis Method

Natalie King Natalie King - MA Student
B.S. University of Southern Mississippi
Advisor:  Dr. Ginesse Listi
Forensic Anthropology, Skeletal Trauma, Forensic Identification, Biological Profile Analysis, 3D Technologies 

Tawa Lasisi Tawakalitu Lasisi - MA Student
B.A. University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
Advisor:  Dr. Mary Jill Brody 
Language Acquisition, Bilingualism, Ethnography, Oral History

Jiyoung Lee Jiyoung Lee - PhD Student
B.A. Sungshin Women's University
M.A. Sungshin Women's University
Advisor: Dr. Michael Leitner
GIS, Geo visualization, Interactive map, Geospatial big data analysis, Remote Sensing

Liang Yuan Liang - MS Student
B.S. Ludong University

Hollie Lincoln Hollie Lincoln - PhD Student
B.A. Anthropology, University of Minnesota-Duluth
M.S. Cultural Resource Management Archaeology, St. Cloud State University
Advisor: Dr. Heather McKillop
Maya Archaeology, Lithic Resources, GIS, Cartography, Spatial Relationships, Social Organization

Shuxian Liu Shuxian Liu - MS Student
B.S. Sun Yat-Sun University
Advisor: Dr. Lei Wang
Geo-information extraction, RS/GIS application in urban study, Spatial statistic analysis, Natural Disaster in Coastal area

Kaitlyn Lowrance Kaitlyn Lowrance - MA Student
B.A. University of North Carolina Wilmington
Advisor: Dr. David Chicoine
Andean archaeology, trade and cultural interactions, public archaeology, Spanish colonization in the southeastern United States

Irene Marti-Gil Irene Martí-Gil - PhD Student
B.A. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona 
M.A. University College London
Advisor: Dr. Rebecca Saunders
Islamic archaeology, archaeology of Spanish missions, linguistic anthropology

Bienvenu Massamba Bienvenu Sedin Massamba - MS Student
B.S. Alexandria University, Egypt
Advisor: Dr. Lei Wang
Remote Sensing, GIS, Deep learning & Computer Vision Applications to RS, LiDAR, SAR & Hyperspectral data, Geospatial Data Analytics

Brant Mitchell Brant Mitchell - PhD Student
Advisor: Dr. Barry Keim

Margeaux Murray Margeaux Murray - MA Student
B.A. Louisiana State University
Advisor: Dr. Rebecca Saunders
Plaquemine/Mississippian culture, Southeast US, Contact archaeology, Historical archaeology, Cultural Resource Management, Public Outreach

Ria Mukerji Ria Mukerji - MS Student
B.A. Environmental Studies, UC Santa Cruz
Advisor: Dr. Craig Colten
Human-environment interaction, community resilience, sea-level rise and floods, human geography, climate change adaptation

Christopher Nicosia Christopher Nicosia - PhD Student
B.A. Suny Oneonta
M.S. Illinois State University
Advisor: Dr. David Chicoine
Bioarchaeology, Skeletal Biology, Social Landscapes (i.e., Social Identity, Gender), Paleopathology, Mortuary Patterning, Diet

lsu Moses Okonkwo - MS Student 
B.S. Obafemi Awolowo University

Olumide Omotere Olumide Omotere - PhD Student
B.S. Obafemi Awolowo University
M.S. University North Texas
Advisor: Dr. Lei Wang 
Hydrology, Soil Moisture Dynamic, Remote sensing, GIS, Data Analytics

lsu Roysean Philson - MS Student
B.A. College of Charleston

Alina Prigozhina Alina Prigozhina - MS Student
B.S. Moscow State University, Russia
Advisor: Dr. Michael Leitner
Medical geography, factors affecting diseases spreading, HIV/AIDS geography, diseases dependent on social factors, geography of crime, GIS applications in business and government

Michel Pujazon Michel F. Pujazón - MA, MS Student
B.A. University of Florida
Advisor: Dr. Rebecca Saunders
Spectroscopy, artifact sourcing, GIS, sacred landscapes, human-environment interaction

Puka Melanie Puka - PhD Student
B.A. Development Studies, Victoria University of Wellington
L.L.B. Victoria University of Wellington
M.S. Development Studies Victoria University of Wellington
Advisor: Dr. Fahui Wang
Oceania, diaspora, cultural geography, identities

Xiaolei Qiu Xiaolei Qiu - MA Student
B.L. Shanghai University of Political Science and Law
Advisor: Dr. Helen Regis
Cuba, Revolution, Post-socialism, Space and tourism, Political propaganda, Social culture, Latin America

Taylor Rowley Taylor Rowley - PhD Student
B.S. University of Oklahoma
M.S. Texas AM University
Advisor: Dr. Kory Konsoer
Fluvial Geomorphology, Hydrology, Water Resources

Nan Shang Nan Shang - PhD Student
B.S. Wuhan University
M.S. Chinese Academy of Sciences
Advisor: Dr. Shelly Meng
UAV, remote sensing and GIS application, 3D topographic mapping

Sumaiya Siddique Sumaiya Siddique - PhD Student
B.S. University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
M.S. Geography, Auburn University, Alabama
Advisor:  Dr. Kory Konsoer
River erosion assessment, flood hazard modeling, climatic hazards, GIS and remote sensing

Deirdre Smith Deirdre C. Smith - PhD Student
B.S. California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Advisor: Dr. Jill Trepanier
Latin America, Louisiana Gulf Coast, climatology, hurricanes, lightning, extreme weather, human-environment interactions

Samira Soleimani photo Samira Soleimani - PhD Student
B.S. Iran University of Technology
M.S. K. N. Toosi University of Technology
Advisor: Dr. Michael Leitner
Spatial Statistics, Spatial Prediction Models, Machie Learning, Traffic Safety Data Modeling, Analysis and Visualization

Michelle Sorensen     Michelle Christine Sorensen - MS Student
     B.A. Louisiana State University
     Advisor: Dr. Barry Keim
     Environmental Geography, Climatology, Crisis Management, Anthropogenic Impact, World Systems

Brett Spencer Brett Spencer - PhD Student
B.A. Kent State
M.A. University of New Orleans
Advisor: Dr. Andrew Sluyter
Historical geography of the Mosquitia (Honduras and Nicaragua), indigenous activism, urban geography, Central American Caribbean

Michael Stein Michael Stein - MS Student
B.A. Louisiana State University 
Advisor: Dr. Fahui Wang
GIS, Urban Geography

Kenny Sutherland Kenny Sutherland - PhD Student
B.S. and B.A Louisiana State University
Advisor: Dr. David Chicoine
Digital imaging, GIS, remote sensing, human-environment interactions, foodways, festivals, religion, material culture, east Asia, Andes

Andreana Tarleton Andreana Tarleton - MA Student
B.A. Louisiana State University
Advisor: Dr. Joyce Marie Jackson
Criminal justice system, black womanhood, cyber activist culture, critical race feminism

Derek Thompson Derek Thompson - PhD Student
B.S. Western Kentucky University
M.S. Louisiana State University
Advisor: Dr. Barry Keim
Meteorology, climatology, applied climatology, GIS, statistics, tropical cyclone size, heat

Dan Tian Dan Tian - PhD Student
B.S. Sun Yat-sen University
M.S. University of Bristol
Advisor: Dr. Lei Wang
GIS, remote sensing, flooding, natural hazards and risk assessment

Kenneth Tremblay Kenneth Tremblay - MA Student
B.A. Eckerd College
Advisor: Dr. Rebecca Saunders
Bioarchaeology, osteology, paleopathology, dental anthropology, zooarchaeology

Clay Tucker Clay Tucker - PhD Student
M.S. and B.S. Louisiana State University
Advisor: Dr. Jill Trepanier
Dendroclimatology, climatic geomorphology, paleotempestology,hurricane impacts on the Louisiana Gulf Coast

April Walton April Walton - MA Student
B.A. Louisiana State University
Advisor: Dr. Heather McKillop
Osteology, Bioarchaeology, Forensic Anthropology

Jacob Warner Jacob Warner - PhD Student
B.A. Louisiana State University
M.A. Louisiana State University
Advisor: Dr. David Chicoine, Dr. Kristine DeLong
Peruvian archaeology, paleoclimate reconstruction, El Niño-Southern oscillation, human-environment interaction

Yue Wu Yue Wu - PhD Student
B.S. Southwest Forestry University
M.S. Binghamton University
Advisor: Dr. Lei Wang
Spatial analysis, remote sensing in urban area, crime GIS, human-environment interaction

Lirong Yin Lirong Yin - MS Student
B.S. University of Iowa
Advisor: Dr. Lei Wang 
Human and environment interaction, GIS

Zeliu Zheng Zeliu Zheng - PhD Student
B.S. University of Washington, Seattle
M.S. Binghamton University, SUNY
Advisor: Dr. Fahui Wang
Urban planning, public policy, GIS