Geography & Anthropology Society

The Geography and Anthropology Society, established by graduate students of the department in 1981, is a professional and a social organization aimed at promoting scientific understanding and communication among individuals studying nature and culture. The society fosters student and faculty interaction, promotes student representation in departmental affairs and policy making, and provides an outlet for extracurricular activities.

Membership is open to undergraduate majors, minors, graduate students, and faculty in the fields of geography and anthropology; all are encouraged to participate!

Dues are $20/year or $15/semester.

Ashlee Autore:  President (Geography)
Chris Goden:  President (Anthropology)
Irene Marti-Gil: Vice President
Liam Johnson: Secretary
Kaitlyn Lowrance:  Social Media Coordinator
Adam Cox:  Treasurer
Adam Dohrenwend: Faculty Liaison

Dr. David Chicoine: Faculty Advisor


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