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Kory Konsoer 

Associate Professor
Graduate Advisor


Ph.D. Geography, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 2014
M.S. Geology, West Virginia University, 2008
B.S. Geology, Grand Valley State University, 2006


Dr. Konsoer is interested in process fluvial geomorphology, particularly the coevolution of river flows and channel morphology, and how vegetation influences rates of sediment transport and planform dynamics. Current research projects are focused on process-based field investigations using hydroacoustics to measure flow turbulence and high-resolution channel bathymetry, terrestrial LiDAR to examine bank roughness and rates of erosion, and geotechnical tests to analyze the resistance properties of floodplain materials. He is also interested in hydraulic geometry of channelized flows and the scaling relations among small to large rivers, submarine channels, and extra-terrestrial channels of Mars and Titan.

Selected Publications

Konsoer, K.M., Rowley, T., and Rhoads, B., 2023. The role of bed morphology and channel curvature on the redistriburtion of momentum in a series of meander bends, Pearl River, USA. Water Resources Research, 59(10), e2023WR034804.

Chowdhury, M.K., Konsoer, K.M., Hiatt, M., 2022. Effect of lateral outflow on three-dimensional flow structure in a river delta. Water Resources Research, 58(10), doi:org/10.1029/2021WR031346.

Richards, D., Konsoer, K., Langendoen, E., Ursic, M., and Constantine, J., 2021. Depositional patterns of slowly plugging neck cutoffs from core analysis and estimates of bedload transport, Sedimentology, 69(2), 568-591.

Rowley, T., Konsoer, K., Langendoen, E., Li, Z., Ursic, M., and Garcia, M., 2021. Relationship of point bar morphology to channel curvature and planform evolution. Geomorphology, 375, 107541.

Turnipseed, C., Konsoer, K.M., Richards, D., and Willson, C., 2021. Numerical modeling of two-dimensional hydrodynamics in a highly curving and actively evolving neck cutoff under different hydrologic conditions. Water Resources Research, 57, e2020WR027329.

Watt, D.J., Rees, M.A., Britt, T., Konsoer, K., and Huey, S.M., 2020. Mitigating engineered disaster on Louisiana’s Gulf Coast. The SSA Archaeological Record, 20(5), 16-21.

Britt, T., Watt, D., Rees, M., Konsoer, K., Huey, S., 2020. A perfect storm: An archaeological management crisis in the Mississippi River Delta. Park Stewardship Forum, 36(1), 70-76.

Rowley, T., Ursic, M., Konsoer, K.M., Langendoen, E., Mutschler, M., Sampey, J., and Pocwiardowski, P., 2020, Comparison of terrestrial LiDAR, SfM, and MBES resolution and accuracy for geomorphic analyses in physical systems that experience subaerial and subaqueous conditions. Geomorphology, 355, 107056.

Richards, D., and Konsoer, K.M., 2020, Morphologic adjustments of actively evolving highly curved neck cutoffs. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 45(4), 1067-1081. doi: 10.1002/esp.4763.

Konsoer, K.M., LeRoy, J.Z., Burr, D.M., Parker, G., Jacobsen, R., and Turmel, D., 2018. Channel slope adjustment in reduced-gravity environments. Geology, 46(2), 183-186.

Courses Taught

2051:  Physical Geography/LandWaterSurf


W119 Howe-Russell-Kniffen West Geoscience Complex
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Phone: 225-578-0891
Fax: 225-578-4420

Office hours: TTH 10:00-11:00



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